Teams Making Final Pitch for Top RB

Andre Anderson is a highly recruited running back out of Stone Mountain, Georgia. Individually, Andre ran for 1,827 yards on the season with 16 TD's and caught 8 passes out the backfield for 88 yards. He spoke with to update the latest in his ever-changing recruiting situation.

Andre Anderson is a highly recruited running back out of Stone Mountain, Georgia. When asked how he felt his season went, Andre replied, "We had a good season but it could have been better, better by winning the State Championship. All in all we had a good season still and I enjoyed my senior season. We had a good overall season."

What were some of the highlights of the season? "We won our region and in fact we had a 12 game winning streak that the entire team was and still is very proud of. We made it to the Georgia Dome but fell short of our team goal of winning the state championship."

Individually, Andre ran for 1,827 yards on the season with 16 TD's and caught 8 passes out the backfield for 88 yards. Some individual highlights for Andre are that he made All County, Honorable Mention All-State, and Prep Star All Region team. Andre also led his county in rushing, which is something he is very proud of. When asked who his favorite NFL player is, Andre replied very quickly, "I like Priest Holmes even though he is injured right now. I really try my best to model my game after his."

Turning to the recruiting front, when asked how the recruiting was coming along, Andre replied, "The recruiting has taken many twists and turns but it is starting to heat up as the signing date gets closer."

What are the schools that are recruiting you the hardest right now? "Georgia Tech, Stanford, UCF, and Tulane are the four that I have stayed in contact with the most and they are recruiting me by far more than any other school."

Would you say any of those four stands out the most? "Yes sir, I feel that Georgia Tech, Stanford, and UCF would be my top three."

Do you have official visits set up with these four? "Yes sir, I have three set up right now. I am supposed to visit UCF on January 6th. My visit to Stanford is supposed to be on January 13 pending my admissions to Stanford being cleared. I am also supposed to visit Georgia Tech on January 21st but we both have to set that date as being firm but as of now I plan making it to GT on that date. I'm not sure if Tulane will get an official visit or not."

I see you say your visit to Stanford is pending your admissions being cleared. Once that is cleared, does that improve Stanford's position with you? "Yes it does, as that means I have a scholarship offer that is firm from them and that means a lot. That should be cleared up some time next week from what they have been telling me."

Right now who has offers to you for a scholarship? "Georgia Tech and Stanford have offers on the table and UCF and Tulane are in contact with me and I feel they will offer real soon."

Have any coaches set up visits with you? "Coach Robinson, Coach Modkins, and Coach Brian Jean-Mary have all come by for visits from Georgia Tech and the recruiting coordinator from Stanford has come by a lot too. The coaches from UCF and Tulane tell me they will set up in home visits too. UCF just got through playing in their bowl so that is why I haven't had much contact with the coaches as of late."

Speaking of bowl games, does the fact that a school is playing in a bowl factor in your decision? "Yes sir, it does indeed. You get that extra time to practice and play and your can get to see some places with your team mates as well. I got to see UCF play in theirs and I know Georgia Tech will be playing in their 9th straight bowl game too. Stanford has some bowl tradition too and they seem to be turning their program around and be heading back to the bowls too."

How have the coaches been when they talk to you? "Well, they are all very good, they give me important facts that have and will go a long way in helping me make a decision on which college I will choose to attend. They have all been great."

I see you have three schools that are fairly close to home and one a pretty good ways away, does staying close to home play a big part in making your decision? Yes sir, it sure does, it plays a big factor. I would love for my parents to be able to see me play in college. But I understand that things happen and you don't always have a complete power in who offers a scholarship or who keeps one open, so if I do chose Stanford, I will not let the distance be a hindrance. But I do prefer to stay close to home."

Georgia Tech just picked up a verbal from Quincy Kelly; does that put Georgia Tech behind the others? "No sir, not at all. I love competition and feel that it would make us both better players which would make the team better. I feel that teams need more than one or two good or great running backs on their roster to be a team that competes for championships."

How much do academics play in your decision making for college? "It plays a big part. I know the NFL is not a sure thing after college and you will have to rely on your academics to help you in life. I feel that an education from a school like Georgia Tech and Stanford would carry me far in life."

What do you plan on majoring in while you are in college? "I want to major in computer science as that field really interests me."

Do you have a date set as to when a decision will be made? "Yes sir, I plan on sitting down with my family and weigh all my options when I get back from Georgia Tech visit on the 21st. I plan on having a decision made sometime shortly after that visit. I just want to make sure I make the best decision for me."

Andre is a bright, intelligent, and well brought up young man that has a big decision in front of him. Given our conversation, this decision will be well thought out and all factors will be given the hardest scrutiny in to helping him make a decision. Top Stories