DeRon Jasper Commits

DeRon Jasper made up his mind on Friday night as to which school he would pick. He just needed one night to sleep on that decision. On Saturday he was ready to make his decision known publically.

DeRon Jasper made up his mind on Friday night that he would pick Georgia Tech as his college choice. In the end, the final two schools were Tech and Wake Forest. After a Friday meeting with GT Defensive Coordinator John Tenuta and Head Coach Chan Gailey, it was time for DeRon to talk things over with his father, who also made the visit with him. They decided it would be the Yellow Jackets after a long conversation but still wanted to sleep on the decision for a night before telling the coach or going public with an announcement. spoke with DeRon on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday to confirm he was ready to declare.

"I had a good visit with Coach Gailey and Coach Tenuta today (Friday)," Jasper said. "I've talked to Coach Gailey on several occasions but today (Friday) was the first time I got to talk to Coach Tenuta. Tomorrow morning, early in the morning, that's when I'll call Coach Gailey and tell him. I told them I need one night to sleep on it but I'm 100% sure I'm committing tomorrow morning."

Saturday afternoon, DeRon gives the go ahead to make his decision public. "You can go ahead and make it public now," Jasper informed

Coach Tenuta is not generally known as a guy who particularly likes to do a lot of the recruiting. He can also be an intimidating figure to some… just ask Tech fans who try to ask questions to one of the nations top defensive minds without getting "the glare". With that in mind, Coach Tenuta may have actually played a big part in closing the deal with DeRon. Jasper liked Tenuta personally and he seemed very impressed with his defensive strategies and the way he approaches practices.

"My Dad and I actually sat down today (Friday) for hours talking about which school would probably be the best," Jasper said. "We just came to the conclusion that Georgia Tech was probably the best place. After sitting down with Coach Tenuta today, I was actually a little worried because I had heard horror stories from many people but it was actually surprising to me that he was a pretty cool guy. That kind of calmed me a little bit and made it kind of easier for me to make my decision."

DeRon and Coach Tenuta talk more specifically about Jasper's role should he commit to Tech.

"He showed me the depth chart and how we're very thin at the Safety position," Jasper said. "He was like… they have no real Safeties that automatically would play [next season]. So, I really have a strong opportunity to go in and play this year. So that was very interesting. He actually was like… they have fun out there which is a good thing to hear because some other schools I've been talking to haven't said the fun side of it. They've mentioned that it's a job and things like that but they haven't said it is fun. So that actually was good to hear. His schemes were great. He had a lot of schemes and different plays, so that was actually exciting. I know I'll be able to learn them quickly… I hope. That way I can actually go and step out on the field."

Coach Gailey also spoke to Jasper about the importance and likelihood of seeing the field on special teams.

"I talked to Coach Gailey and he told me that on special teams, you actually get used to the speed of the game, and the change from high school to college," Jasper said. "So, playing special teams will be definite."

To lose his redshirt as a freshman, DeRon will just need to crack the depth chart according to Coach Gailey.

"He was like… If you make it to the two-deep then you definitely don't redshirt," Jasper said. "There's a possibility that I'll probably make it to the two-deep and not redshirt this year but it all depends on how hard I work."

DeRon is not set on what major he'll get into at Tech. No doubt he'll sit down with his family and be as thorough about that decision as he was for picking which school he'll attend.

"Right now I'm kind of open," Jasper said. "Actually I though Georgia Tech was a straight Engineering school but I was told they actually offer more than just Engineering so I don't know exactly what I'm going to do."

In his final thoughts on the subject, DeRon mentions what he's looking forward to the most about this next stage of his life.

"I'm just excited about everything pretty much," Jasper said. "Just the whole college football experience will be great and the college experience will be great. So, I'm just looking forward to it all." Top Stories