GT Hoops Recruits: Weekend Update

RamblinRed updates the incoming GT basketball recruits. All were in action this weekend and one even attended his future teammate's game since he was in the area! The weekend high scorer for the future Yellow Jackets had 42 points.

All four of Georgia Tech's 2006 basketball recruits were in action this weekend. Here is a quick update of their performances…

Thaddeus Young had 42 points in a 120-101 win.

Javaris Crittenton had 30 pts in a 91-64 win (with Thad in attendance to watch his future teammate Saturday night after the GT-Clemson game).

Brad Sheehan had 16 pts in a 66-30 win. He had a 25 point game earlier in the week in a 65-54 win.

Zach Peacock had 18 points in a tough 61-46 loss to #1 Krop. He also had 29 pts in a 69-54 win earlier in the week.

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