Offer & Leader for In-State OL

Joseph Gilbert is a big OL from North Georgia's Cartersville High School. He's already picked up his first offer from a major ACC program and he names an early leader for his signature.

"I have an offer from Georgia Tech. I'm also getting looks from Vanderbilt and Georgia," Joseph Gilbert said.

The Yellow Jackets lead early for Gilbert.

"Right now Georgia Tech is at the top. Then I also like Vanderbilt, then Georgia and probably Alabama, Auburn and Florida State. I really liked the facilities at Georgia Tech's junior day and how it's altogether at one spot. Also the academics at GT can't be beat. They're better than all of those other schools combined from what I hear. I also like that it's real close to home."

What stands out about the other schools in contention?

Vanderbilt: "The academics are really good and it looks they have a real good program going. The staff is very personable and they're interested in me. I like the location up in Nashville."

Georgia: "I've always been a big Georgia fan growing up and that's where most of my graduated friends have gone. They also have a top notch football program and they're the SEC champions. You can't get any better than that."

Alabama: "I've been a big Bama fan also. My dad, and my grandparents are big Bama fans. I camped there over the summer and it looks like a real nice program with nice facilities."

Auburn: "I've seen some of their facilities and they look great. I hear good stuff about them from some relatives that go up there. Of course Ronnie Brown was from Cartersville and they treated him really well."

Florida State: "That's another real good program. My friend Andre Fluellen goes down there and he has nothing but good things to say about it." Top Stories