GT Practice Report (Sunday Version)

Saturday's practice was rescheduled for 4PM Sunday due to inclimate whether.'s Rod Mackenzie brings us his latest report from the sidelines.

Here is today's Spring Practice Report, brought to you by Rod Mackenzie (a.k.a georgiapanther1).

Thanks Rod!

1.The Beach - James Johnson and Shane Bowen have been upgraded and are now running laps with Jacob Lonowski, , Elris Anyaibe, Colin Peek and Reggie Ball. James was used to field punts in the special teams drill prior to the scrimmage.

2. Wayne Riles and Mike Cox were also held out of today's scrimmage. Riles and KaMichael Hall did get some work on the sidelines practicing their pitching. Matthew Bramman attended practice for a while today also.

3. The special teams drill showed a need to find a backup punter. Mohamed Yahiaoui had one of his punts blocked by Jason Palmer. His other punts were inconsistant. With Durant Brooks holding, Travis Bell got quite a few chances today as the offense found the end zone quite often.

4. Andrew Smith is fast becoming a fan favorite. Those seeing him for the first time today were impressed with his pass catching ability and the way he fielded punts.

5. WR Coach Bubby Geis was quite pleased with the receivers today, especially with the way they used their hands to catch the fade routes in individual drills. He continues to work with Calvin Johnson on his routes.


7. Jamal Lewis, Tony Clark and Pat Clark each had nice interceptions and returns today.

8.Jamal Evans continues to impress as he ran with the first team today as Tashard Choice rested his injured chin. His ability to make tacklers miss was evident as he ran behind Andrew Gardner and Matthew Rhodes.

9. "Tater", Taylor Bennett hooked up with CJ on a beautiful touchdown pass as Rashaun Grant picked up the corner blitz.

10. The Dancing Bear (LeShawn Newberry) filled in for Nate McManus as Nate was not on the practice field.

11. Chris Dunlap, Greg Smith and Kyle Mooneyham also had TD catches today.

12. George Cooper and Tater hooked up on a nice TE screen.

13. The DE combo of Michael Johnson and Robo (Darrell Robertson) batted down several balls today as they put some serious pressure on the QB. On one of the batted balls, Phillip Wheeler made the interception only to be tackled by Gardner on the return.

14. Tater ran with the first team today, while Jonathan Garner was with the backups. Manley also got some work with the second team.

15. The players continue to be held accountable for their performance on the practice field. Any offensive linemen that held, gave up a sack or had a bad snap had to do grass drills with Coach D after practice. Will Miller was the only one not taking part. Earlier in the practice he leveled one of the CBs on an end sweep! After the first group finished their drills, the gladiator (Trey Dunmon) and the dancing bear continued with the drills. Upon leaving practice "the gladiator" was still out there with Coach D.

16. Faces in the crowd - Former players Dennis Davis, Eric Henderson and Reuben Houston were on hand. Lucious Sanford was also in attendance and looks like he could still play...

-Rod Mackenzie Top Stories