"One of the nicest campuses I've ever seen"

Greensburg (Pa.) Central Catholic receiver Nick Sukay was in Atlanta, Ga. over the weekend to check out the Georgia Tech campus for an unofficial visit. Sukay came away impressed by the campus and he tells GoJackets.com where he currently stands in recruiting overall.

Greensburg (Pa.) Central Catholic receiver Nick Sukay went along with teammate Cody Catalina to a quarterback camp in Atlanta recently. While he was there, he took advantage of the opportunity to make an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech.

From an interview with Bob Lichtenfels of FightOnState.com, Sukay said, "I was surprised. Georgia Tech was very nice. It was actually the nicest place I've been to so far." GoJackets.com spoke with Nick on Sunday afternoon to learn more about his trip to the Georgia Tech campus.

"I came down on… Thursday night I got there," Sukay said. "We went and checked [the campus] out and everything. The registration people were taking us around and they showed us the whole campus and everything. It was one of the nicest campuses I've ever seen."

Sukay liked Tech being in the city of Atlanta but also liked how it was kind of separated and off on its own.

"I liked the fact that Atlanta was on one side of the highway and then Georgia Tech was on the other side of the highway," Sukay said. "In the campus you couldn't even tell you were in the city."

Sukay's take on the Tech campus is especially of interest considering some of the other places he's seen recently.

"I went to Notre Dame like three weeks ago," Sukay said. "I've been to Penn State, West Virginia, Pitt, Ohio State, Syracuse and Maryland and a couple of other ones."

While on his trip, Sukay spent time with GT fullback Mike Cox, who also played his high school ball in Pennsylvania. As for other activities he did on his trip, Sukay said, "We checked out basically everything. I got to look at the whole campus and every little thing about it."

Nick is being looked at as both a safety and a wide receiver for the college game. Lately though more teams are liking him more on offense.

"It started off as Safety for a lot of the schools but now they're all saying wide receiver after they see me in person," Sukay said. "They say I can play either one I want." Nick only has a slight preference for position. "It doesn't really matter to me really. I like receiver maybe a little bit more but I like playing safety," said Sukay.

Nick isn't ready to start narrowing his list down just yet.

"It's still pretty wide open," Sukay said. "I'm still taking it all in. I like Georgia Tech a lot; I just can't narrow it all down at this time."

When sizing up schools, Nick is really going to take a hard look first at his relationship with the coaching staffs.

"Probably my top thing is coaching and the coaching staff; how I get along with them," Sukay said. "Then academics, then how the team is and everything."

Speaking of coaches, offensive line coach Joe D'Alessandris is recruiting Nick for the Yellow Jackets. While on a trip to the area months ago Coach D, just missed running into Nick at school but he's planning to visit again this month.

"Coach D'Alessandris was up there two months ago but he missed us, we weren't in school that day," Sukay said. "He stopped by then and he coming up again in the next few weeks or so. I forget when, maybe May 15th."

As of his last update Nick had offers from: Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Indiana, and West Virginia. But now Nick says he is up to 15 total offers. Schools other than the ones just listed with offers to Sukay are, "Michigan State, Purdue, Northwestern, Syracuse, those are the ones that stick out the most," said Sukay.

Nick is not in a huge hurry to end the recruiting process and isn't sure of the timing of his decision. "I have no idea," Sukay said. "I'm going to try before the season but if I don't it's not a real big deal."

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