Threet Talks about Tech Decision

Evidence of Steven Threet's college choice can now be found on his out going phone message. The greeting finishes with "Go Jackets." That's because Steven made the call to the Georgia Tech coaches over the weekend to inform them that he was their newest quarterback.

Evidence of Steven Threet's college choice can now be found on his out going phone message. The greeting finishes with "Go Jackets." That's because Steven made the call to the Georgia Tech coaches over the weekend to inform them that he was their newest quarterback. The call was made as he began a vacation and cell reception there was poor, making it difficult to have a full conversation. But the Tech coaches certainly heard enough to know they were receiving news they had long hoped to hear from the highly sought-after QB. Steven Threet was now a Yellow Jacket.

"It just seemed like the right time," said Threet. "I said earlier when I was asked when I was going to make the decision; my response was always mid-to-late July. It seemed like the right time for me. It looked like a good decision to make and I felt good about it so I just went ahead and made it."

Steven had some technical difficulties getting the word of his decision to the Tech coaches while away from home on vacation.

"When I called them I was breaking up for a little while but I got a chance where I was walking down the street and I was trying to get reception to where they could hear me," said Threet. "I never had full reception to get [into] a conversation but I just called them and let them know."

Steven didn't narrow down his list before choosing, he just made his choice from all of his available options.

"I didn't really narrow it down to two or three schools," said Threet. "I was taking a look at all of them; looking at all of the different options. But there wasn't really a top five or anything that I went down to in my head. I talked to my family about it some but it just seemed like the right decision."

What made Tech stick out from the rest?

"It was hard to say," said Threet. "It just seemed like the right fit; from the coaches to the league they play in and the academics. Just all around it seemed like a great place; it is a great place."

Steven saw differences between the two football conferences he's pays most attention.

"I watch the ACC more so than I watch the Big 10," said Threet. "I always liked watching the ACC; it seemed like a faster paced game. The players seemed faster. It seemed like more fun to watch than Big 10 grind-it-out football. Both are great conferences but just something about the ACC drew me a little bit more."

Steven has already has a friend on the Tech football in one of the team's current top quarterbacks.

"I've gotten to know Taylor Bennett," said Threet. "I talk to him maybe once a week or so. I get along with him very well and I got a chance to meet quite a few of the Tech players. I liked all of them. It seemed like they all got along together very well."

Threet doesn't mind competition and knows he'll have to compete with friends at some point too for a spot.

"When I was up in Michigan I got a chance to throw with Ryan Mallett," said Threet. "We had a good time and we got along really well. But if you're going to go anywhere good, you're going to find good competition there, you know, that's why they're good. No matter where you're going to go it's going to end up like that. You're going to have to battle for the job. So it's good to be able to be friends with them off the field and even on the field. It's good competition with each other but at the same time having a good time with each other too. I think that was one of the things that stood out to be about Taylor. Him being able to try and show me the best of Georgia Tech and trying to get me to go there even though me coming there would mean competition for him. It made me really think highly of him."

Threet now goes from a recruit to a guy who could play a part in the recruiting process for landing more top talent. Still he thinks it best for players to make their own decisions and the ones that fit them the best.

"Some of the kids I got a chance to talk to quite a bit when I was down there [at Tech] for the one-day camp," said Threet. "I'm pretty good friends with them. I'm not going to try and pressure them into coming anywhere. That's not good for them, but I'm definitely going to try and get the best players I can and the guys I became friends with down there. They're pretty stellar. The ones I talk to the most are Jonathan Dwyer and D.J. Donley. I talk to them probably about once a week."

Not only has Steven made an early decision, he will also get a jump on the rest of his class by enrolling early.

"I am planning on enrolling in the semester that starts in January," said Threet. "I'll be able to take part in spring practice. It's just a good opportunity to start school a little earlier so you're not going in right away. It's just a chance to be acclimated to the college climate. Everything about it was… not having to worry about the games that first semester. Also it will give me a chance to compete during spring practice; get some reps and try and get some work in on the offense."

Will Threet's family get to see him playing being all the way up in Michigan while he has home games in Atlanta?

"Oh yeah, they'll be at all of the games," said Threet. "I'm sure them, my brother, my sister… That's one thing I definitely wasn't worried about; my parents and my family being able to come see me play. I knew no matter where I was playing they were going to come see me. That wasn't a big deal. I knew they were going to be there for the games. I know sometimes you want to stay close to home so your family can see you but that really wasn't the case with me. Not that I didn't like the idea of possibly staying close to home but at no time did I have to worry about my friends and family not being able to come see me play." Top Stories