Willie White Names Top 3

Willie White is one of the top players available in South Georgia this year. After an interview earlier today, look for an important decision to come from the stud Peach state prospect on Sunday. He is holding the decision close to his vest and will make the announce then.

Willie, how is the recruiting coming along?

The recruiting has been fun but it is over now. I will announce Sunday as to which school I will go to. I had fun but I feel it is time to get the recruitment process over with."

Can you divulge as to which school is the winner?

"I'd like to wait until Sunday and make my announcement then."

No problem, that is very understandable. Can you tell me which schools make your final list?

"Yes sir, I will choose from Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and South Carolina. Also, once I make my commitment, it is over. There will be no changing of my mind down the road. I am firm on my decision."

What were the final determining factors in reaching your decision?

"Most of all it was getting along with the coaches. I had to feel real comfortable with them and I do feel that way with the school I decided on. Also, there had to be a real good environment around campus. I had to feel comfortable there too. That was a factor that weighed in my decision."

What do you plan on majoring in when you get to college and how important is the academic side in making your decision?

"I will major in business when I get to college and the academics played an important role as well."

Do you have a particular position you want to play or does it matter which side of the ball you play on?

"Well, I'll play Free Safety on defense or Wide Receiver on offense. It doesn't matter which one I play really.

Well, look for an important decision from Willie White on Sunday as he is holding his decision close to his vest and will announce it then. Scout.com will certainly be there to report who will be the winner for this prize recruit.

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