Interactive Chat Re-Cap With GT Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: Roddy Jones was with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Hive in the chatroom and relayed them Roddy. Roddy then answered and Ryan relayed his responses back to the members of via the chatroom.

RyanJordan: Alright, I've got Roddy Jones here and we're ready for questions…

GameJacket: Roddy--who was your biggest recruiter invovled in coming to GT, player and coach?? Congrats on your decision, we are thrilled to have you as a Jacket!!
RODDY JONES:: "Coach BJ was the biggest and player was Kyle Jackson. He's been all over me since he committed."

RamblinReck: What was the biggest reason he chose GT??
RODDY JONES:: "It was the best fit academically and athletically. It just felt like home."

originalbuzzybee: What's the good word Roddy?
RODDY JONES:: "To hell with Georgia"

daBuzz: Roddy, I saw you at the Tech spring game and Travis Chambers' dad said you were a class young man and that he hoped you came to Tech yourself. HOw well do you know the Chambers?
RODDY JONES:: "I know the Chambers pretty well. I played with Travis when I was a freshman. I've gotten to know him more through the recruiting process than when I was a player."

UnitedJacket: Roddy, what player pro or college would you compare yourself to?
RODDY JONES:: "I really compare myself with Emmit Smith. I feel like were very comparable backs. Were tough and can get short yards."

daBIGstigGT: How many offers did he finish up with?
RODDY JONES:: "I had 12 offers."

RamblinReck: What is Roddy going to major in??
RODDY JONES:: "I will be a business major."

daBuzz: What # do you want to wear at GT?
RODDY JONES:: "I dont know know yet because Jamaal Evans has my number so we'll have to figure that out down the line."

EllenwoodJacket: Have you been to the Varsity yet?
RODDY JONES:: "I've been going to the Varsity since I was little."

gtjack: Roddy, when did you know it was going to be the Jackets?
RODDY JONES:: "I knew for sure last night it was Tech after taking the CLemson visit but I've been feeling like GT was the one to beat since they offered in February."

RamblinReck: Does Roddy like to run inside?? Or does he prefer to hit the corner and take off??
RODDY JONES:: "Well, in our offense I dont have much option other than running inside. I just like running the football."

daBIGstigGT: do you plan on joining with kyle jackson to recruit other players?
RODDY JONES:: "Oh yeah. Matter of fact I've heard that Morgan Burnette is real interested in GT so I'm going to get on his case about committing real soon or at least considering Tech."

daBuzz: How much does your team throw the ball in HS or do you get to catch the ball a good bit out of the backfield too?
RODDY JONES:: "No I don't. I can catch the ball though. I'm very capable of doing that."

BlackWatch: Roddy, since you can't make the ND game which game are you going to take for your official visit? I'd recommend Miami. It should be hyped.
RODDY JONES:: "I'll probably take my visit to the Miami game. It's going to be live that night."

Master B: Roddy... Do you do any punt/kick returning now and would you like to do that at Tech if given the chance?
RODDY JONES:: "I do return kicks now and I would definitely do it at Tech. It's fun to do."

gulejakke: Roddy, do they still have that awful chicken fried steak at the Chamblee cafeteria?
RODDY JONES:: "Yes they do. I never order the chicken steak though."

daBIGstigGT: what are your bench/squat/other stats/measurables
RODDY JONES:: "I bench 310, squat 505, clean 285... I'm 5'9 and I weighed in at 188 yesterday/"

daBIGstigGT: Roddy, do you feel that this recruiting class is a start of a new era...and do you take pride in it and being a part of it?
RODDY JONES:: "Oh definitely. Tech hasn't been known for their recruiting classes in the past but this is us turning the corner and hopefully it will be the start of big things."

beernutts: How much run or pass blocking have you had to do in the past, and how do you feel about blocking?
RODDY JONES:: "I love blocking because I actually grew up blocking for Asher Allen in little league at Tucker. As far as run blocking, I don't do much of that in our offense. I do get a lot of pass blocking done and I feel Im a very good blocker."

Master B: Roddy... I know you know a bunch of other recruits but tell us about which current Tech players you know the most or have hung out with.
RODDY JONES:: "Well, Travis Chambers is one. Tashard Choice, Rashaun Grant.. Those are the main three. I've hung out with Reggie Ball a couple of times but those are the main three."

Buzzzkill: Do you expect to redshirt, or would you prefer immediate playing time?
RODDY JONES:: "As of right now, I don't expect to redshirt. Coach Modkins and I talked today and he wants me ready to play in case someone goes down and that's what I expect to do."

gtjack: Roddy, does it feel good to have this over with?
RODDY JONES:: "It feels like a big weight off my shoulders to be done with this."

TheMonsterJacket: Welcome to the family Roddy - What was the best thing about the recruiting process? The worst?
RODDY JONES:: "The best thing was getting to travel around the southeast and seeing all these colleges. The worst thing is probably the pressure people put on you. Just trying to put their .02 about whatever."

RyanJordan:: We'd like to thank all the Jacket fans who submitted questions but we'd especially like to thank Roddy Jones for spending some time to participate in this interactive chat! Top Stories