Morgan Burnett "Taking It One Step At A Time"

Dale McDuffie of sat down with North Clayton's Morgan Burnett and talked with him about his summer and how things look for the upcoming high school season. He also discussed how his recruting is coming along. sat down with North Clayton's Morgan Burnett and talked about his summer and how things look for his upcoming high school season. He also discussed how his recruting is coming along.

Morgan, how has your summer been thus far?

"I've been real busy doing summer workouts. I haven't been to any camps but I've still have stayed real busy trying to improve myself and get ready for my senior season at high school. We look real strong as a team and we hope to win it all. Still, we will take it one step at a time and not overlook and team or any thing that can improve us. I've been doing a lot of weight lifting, gaining strength to help me take the next step into college as I know it is a big difference from playing high school ball."

On the recruiting front, who is recruiting you the hardest?

"Well sir, that is hard to say. I have been over whelmed with letters, calls, and offers from school from every where. Off the top of my head these teams I remember the most: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Alabama."

Do you have any favorite schools right now?

"No sir I don't. Everyone is even and it is wide open right now. No one team is a favorite and I've picked up some interest on my side with another school or two myself."

With your brother Cap having played for UGA, does that give them any advantage on the other schools recruiting you?

"No sir, not at all. In fact he has told me from day one to go with my heart and not let where he play college ball influence me in making my decision. He says he will support me no matter where I play my college ball, just make sure I am comfortable with the school, coaches and teammates."

I've heard you are friends with Roddy Jones, who has given Georgia Tech a verbal, how does that affect your situation with them?

"Well, it has made me take more interest in them, but it doesn't give them a lead either. I am wide open right now and will look at everything before making my decision."

When you get to a college, what position would you prefer to play?

"I'd love to be a DB whether it be a Safety or Cornerback. Defensive back would be my ideal position."

Do you want to play right away or would a red-shirt be out of the question?

"I am working hard right now with the plans on playing right away. I'd love to be able to step right in and make significant contributions to the team.

Do you have a time table for a decision?

"No sir, I don't. In fact, contrary to rumors floating around, I have no leaders and I am not leaning towards one team despite what some others have said. I am open and this is important to me and I want to make the best decision for myself. So, I will take my time and gather all the info I can and come up with the best option for me. has scheduled another time to talk with Morgan to see if there is any movement in his recruitment. He is a well-spoken and well-mannered young man that will be a great addition to any team he decides to go to. Look for updates with this multi-talented player in the coming weeks. Top Stories