California LB To Decide Between Final 2

After trying many times to talk to Casey Mathews, I finally got him tonight between football practice and his many fishing excursions. He is down to his final two schools, and he is taking a long hard look at both to see which one is the best fit.

After trying many times to talk to Casey Matthews, I finally got him tonight between football practice and his many fishing excursions. He is down to his final two schools, and he is taking a long hard look at both to see which one is the best fit.

Casey, I hear you are down to two schools in your recruitment?

"Yes sir, Georgia Tech and Oregon are my final two. I don't see any other school coming into to the picture at this time."

Can you give me some positive and negatives about both schools?

"Sure that will be no problem. Georgia Tech positives are that they are in the ACC and have been winning a lot lately. I love the coaching staff a lot and my recruiting coach at Georgia Tech is great. Also, I used to live in Atlanta and know the area pretty well and I like it there. Although I haven't decided on a major yet, the fact that Georgia tech is one the best academics schools in the nation is a great plus. The recruiting class they have so far is great and that is a big factor in my decision too. If the school has a great class, then you get to play with some great players for four years and I like that. The fact that Coach Gailey signed a new 5 year deal was a big positive too. Also, I've gotten to know some their commitments and we text and IM one another often. The only negative I can think of for Georgia Tech is the southern humidity and that is it."

What about Oregon?

"Oregon being in the Pac-10 is a plus because both my Dad and brother have played for USC and I know the Pac-10 pretty well. Also, there is a commit there that is a really good friend and that's a plus too. The location is great plus the coaching staff has been together for 20 years it seems like and I like having the same coach for my entire college career. Negatives are I don't know how good the recruiting class is."

Comparing campuses, which one do you like the best?

"Georgia Tech is probably the best and nicest campus I have been to. The campus is really nice. It is isolated in a big city but you don't know you are in a big city. Oregon is nice but the buildings are old and it doesn't seem as nice as Georgia Tech's."

On your recruiting, when do you hope to have a decision?

"I'd like to get it out of the way before my senior season starts. We go back to school towards the end of August so I hope to have it over by then."

Will you be taking any official visits?

"Yes sir, I plan on it. I will visit Georgia Tech for their home opener with Notre Dame. I will visit Oregon and probably take a visit to Cal as well."

Is there anything you'd like to add that we haven't discussed?

"One thing that Georgia Tech has going for it is that my high school runs a very similar defense to Georgia Tech and I feel I could fit in real quickly there."

Speaking of your high school, how does your senior season look to be shaping up?

"I think we will be real good. Right now we have nine seniors that have multiple division 1-A offers and one junior that has a division 1-A offer. I am pretty sure that after some film gets out on another couple of players we will have more to get division 1-A offers too."

On some personal interest of the Matthews family, Casey's Grandfather, Clay Matthews Sr., is a Georgia Tech alumnus and is in the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame. He wrestled, played football and played baseball for the Yellow Jackets. Casey's Dad, Clay Jr., played at USC, then professionally for the Atlanta Falcons.

If Georgia Tech or Oregon can find Casey some great places to fish, then either school will have a leg up on the other as fishing is something that he has really gotten into lately. In fact, he went fishing after football practice the other day despite the heat they are having out in California. Also, Casey's high school is a top notch school academically so he will have no trouble fitting in at either school. He does well in the classroom as well as on the football field. will stay in contact with Casey as he approaches his final decision. Top Stories