Georgia Lineman Likes Four

Nick Claytor, a very talented offensive lineman from the state of Georgia, took time out of his busy day to give correspondent Dale McDuffie an update on how his recruiting is coming along. Nick has narrowed his list of teams down to a managable four, including Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Ohio State.

Nick Claytor a very talented offensive lineman from the state of Georgia took time out of his busy day to give an update on how his recruiting is coming along.

Nick, have you made an official trip to Ohio State yet?

"No sir, I have been up there back in June for an unofficial but I plan on taking one during my senior season."

Do you have a leader or any favorites right now out of all the schools that are recruiting you?

"Yes sir, I have four colleges that I am looking at right now. They are Auburn, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, and Florida State."

Any of those four lead the others?

"No sir, I would have to say they are all about even at this time."

What factors are the most important to you on deciding which college to attend?

"First I would have to say academics. I want to earn a good degree and that degree would have to mean something, I don't want to go to school and not leave without a good education. Next, I'd want the football program to be a winning one, they would have to have some tradition and be successful on the field."

Since academics are important to you, what will you major in when you get to college?

"I will major in Psychology, Sports Psychology to be specific."

Of the colleges you have visited which ones have the best campus and facilities?

"Ohio State has the best campus. It is huge and very nice. Auburn has the best facilities with Georgia Tech right behind them."

When you get to college, which position on the line would you like to play?

"I'd love to be the Left Tackle but if the coach felt I was needed at Right Tackle, I wouldn't have a problem playing there.

Have you set a time for when you want to make a decision on which college you will attend?

"Yes sir I have. I want to be done by September so I can concentrate on my senior year of high school."

How is you high school team shaping up?

"We look very good this year. Last year we went 11-2. This year we hope to go undefeated and win state. That is our goal."

Nick, in closing can you list some positives for each school you are looking at?

Yes sir that will not be a problem.

Auburn – Close to home. They are a top ten school and had a top ten recruiting class last year.

Ohio State – They have my major and have a great football program.

Florida State – They put a lot in the NFL last season. Also, they have a need on the offensive line too.

Georgia Tech – They are in state and most of my friends really like Georgia Tech and I know a few that have committed there. Plus they are having a great recruiting class this year.

Nick is a well spoken young man that is a monster talent on the offensive line. No matter which school he decides on, they will have a great player both on and off the field. Scout will be back in contact with Nick very soon to see if any changes have happened in his recruitment. Top Stories