Georgia Tech Practice Report - Day 10 (AM) was at practice this morning as the team continued preparations for the 2006 season. Rod Mackenzie was there to witness the action and report on a big position change.

As reported from practice today marked some changes in the depth and positions.

Here is a portion of the practice report.

1. I had the chance to talk to David Brown's parents prior to practice today. They gave me the heads up that he'd been switched to the offensive line. Evidently the switch came at the request of Coach D. David currently weighs 270 and he said he's just now getting his appetite back and hopes to add some more weight before the season starts. He took some reps with the second team this morning at right tackle. He seemed to have good technique and foot work.

5. The staff is still trying numerous players at punt return. James Johnson and Patrick Clark were the first two fielding punts but Andrew Smith, Correy Earls, and Jamaal Evans also fielded punts.

13. Marco Coleman and Randy Walters both attended today's practice.

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