Georgia Tech Team Awards took a survey during the fall practices from the Georgia Tech football players in order to answer the really important questions as we head into the 2006 season. Important questions were answered such as who exactly has the biggest "guns" on the team and who can dance the best. took a survey during the fall practices from the Georgia Tech football players in order to answer the really important questions as we head into the 2006 season. Important questions were answered such as who exactly has the biggest "guns" on the team and who can dance the best. In the Georgia Tech tradition, this is a statistically significant survey as the sample size of respondents included at least 20 replies for each question!

Here were the questions posed to members of the Yellow Jacket football team.

1. Who has the biggest "guns" on the team?

2. Who is the fastest?

3. Who is the best dancer?

4. Who talks the best "smack"?

5. Who is the best dressed?

Think for a second on who you think might be the answer for each. In some cases the answer may surprise you. In other cases the answer was a no-brainer. Here are the winners for the Georgia Tech Team Awards for 2006…

Biggest "Guns"

This was a hotly contested category to start with. It was clear as the votes were coming in that two players had separated themselves from the pack. The two with the biggest guns were going to be Joe Anoai and Michael Johnson. Andrew Folkner probably stated it best when he said, "Shear size I might give to Joe Anoai, as far as jus being cut up and ripped perhaps MJ." Although Anthony Barnes, Greg Hill and Tony Clark thought they had the biggest guns and ignoring the vote for Byron Ingram this year's winner is…Joe Anoai.

Joe Anoai - Biggest Guns


Surprisingly this was the biggest blow out category in the survey. This guy's name is not usually thought of in terms of how fast he is but with 63% of all votes his team overwhelmingly believes he is the fastest on a team known to have very good team speed. In addition to being the fastest, as we now, and having the all-time Georgia Tech record for a vertical leap of 45", he could probably also be an astronaut, run for President or even beat Muhammad Faye in a game of one-on-one in hoops. The 2006 fastest man on the Tech football team is none other than Calvin Johnson.

Calvin Johnson - Fastest

Best Dancer

There seems to be some very good dancers on the team but in the end one ran away from the rest in the voting. Adamm Oliver a.k.a. "machine" was the strongest contender but fell short along with multiple votes for guys like Taalib Tucker and Travis Bell. The next goal is to actually find video on the winner. I just have to see this guy in action. This year's winner for best dancer is 6-foot, 305-pound lineman with the nickname "The Dancing Bear" - none other than LeShawn Newberry.

LeShawn "The Dancing Bear" Newberry - Best Dancer

Best Smack Talker

Okay this one wasn't even close. If you've been to just one practice you would know that Tashard Choice will not be drowned out by anyone. "Double Deuce" took over 50% of all votes in the category but there were several others who are skilled in the art of smack apparently. Others with multiple votes included: Gary Guyton, Joe Anoai, Kenny Scott, KaMichael Hall and Trey Dunmon. Andrew Folkner once again chimed in with his two cents on this debate. "Joe and Trey got into it one day and Joe got the best of it. KaMichael Hall and the linebackers do a lot... well make that the whole defense for that matter and Tenuta at the top", said Folkner. Andrew Smith added, "Kenny & Choice have a smack talk rivalry going on, so does Joe Anoai and Trey Dunmon (definitely the nastiest o-lineman I've ever played with) but don't leave out K-Mike he's always screaming about something."

Tashard Choice - Best Smack Talker

Best Dressed

Here's where the real competition was… for best dressed. Andrew Smith a.k.a. "Tweeter" gave his comments on the best smack award but he nearly took the next award himself. "Best dressed hasn't been the same since Nate Curry left, he really was a fresh guy so that's kind of up for grabs," said Smith. Then he added, "I think I dress pretty well." Well his mates agree but he came up one vote shy of tying this year's winner. Others who were voted on by multiple teammates for being well dressed include Taylor Bennett and Marcus Harris. But this year's winner "by a thread" is tight end Colin Peek. Other comments from the best dressed voting included, "Sam by far," from Sam Williams, of course! And Folkner had his say on who may be the worst dressed. "Me, Taylor, Andrew Smith, Colin Peek, Liipfert, Calvin always dresses well when going out, and we make fun of Mansfield for having a cashmere suit (cant verify its true though)," said Folkner.

Colin Peek - Best Dressed informed Colin Peek of his pending victory and landed this exclusive interview with him about winning this prestigious award.

How would you describe your "style" of dressing?

"I describe my style as urban/street but with that edge of class. I try to keep everything original and add a fresh perspective to different items...But it's mostly the confidence and that's why I am idolized by the entire"

Do you get dressed up only when you go out or do you try to look a certain way all of the time?

"I just wear what I feel comfortable in and what's most comfortable...but then there are times when I get dressed up. I try to look good all the time but I'm not the type to just be dressed up all the time. I feel that I just have an original style and the team respects that."

Where do you get most of your clothes from?

"I get some of my clothes from...well that's my secret and if I want to get the award again next year I have to keep this topic undisclosed."

Thanks to all of the Yellow Jacket football players who participated in the survey. Tech fans wish you all the best of luck against Notre Dame on Saturday and for the entire season. We all appreciate the hard work you've put in preparing for something we all enjoy watching and following down to the very tiniest detail… like knowing Newberry is the king of the dance floor! Top Stories