Well ya see, wha had happened was...

Kendrick Cummings (a.k.a. WaCoJacket) brings us his take on the weekend that was.


- Trend, not luck... It was cute the past few years knocking off an Auburn here, a NC State there, etc. The last 2 years have become much more than a lucky win here or there. This is becoming a trend. I'd say among the bigger statements made on Saturday was the fact that the goal posts still remain standing. Hello World. We have arrived. As the game was winding down, I also noticed the universal symbol of shaking the car keys died out as well. It's nice to not be surprised by beating up Miami.

- World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party... Ok, so the name is both taken and now banned. Call it whatever you want. Georgia Tech is crashing the ACC Championship party. Now the league doesn't have to worry about sitting back and watching us get sent across the nation for a bowl game. We can make that corny Orange Bowl commercial mean something. I am close to pulling the trigger on my seats (maybe by Wednesday). I'm booking my hotel tomorrow (Are the hotels on the River the place to be???) This will be a fun few weeks.

- Reggie Ball Redemption Tour... Payback is a mutha! Reggie's last 4 games offer an incredible chance to get revenge for various bad losses. NC State is respectable. UNC is terrible. Duke is even more terrible-er (i know that's not a word for the literary tables). UGA is similar to Miami (coaching is terrible, but several good players). We need to absolutely embarrass the next 3 teams we face. I expect to see coaches fired the weeks after their GT games. I don't want to see a repeat of the Maryland game. We need to jump each of these teams from the 1st play. In the words of Da Rock (my former handle), "We need to put these jabronies in their place!" I know all the rhetoric, but any loss in the next 3 games should be viewed as harsh as the UGA/Vandy loss. They are not on our level, and these games should be laughers. Laughing our way back near the top 10 heading into the UGA game. I want to be ranked near 10-14, go into UGA as 6-7 point road favorites, and hang a 2 score loss on them.

- "Jesse" James... Simply put. "Jesse" James Johnson has been a killer. Everyone screams throw the ball to CJ 200 times a game. You can have your stats, the true measure of Reggie Ball's growth has been how he "sees" the field and gets the ball to his #2, #3, etc WRs. Reggie has gotten a bum rap on his deep ball accuracy. I disagree. Reggie hit other WRs in the hands deep his entire career. He has been cursed with fast WRs with brick hands. He finally has one with hands now. BTW... I keep saying, JJ reminds me of Tory Holt. He is our most consistent WR. He is still the only WR who runs good routes in my opinion. Watch him sometime during a game. Notice how late in his route it is before you figure out where he is going. I'm not a JJ groupie or anything, but he's VERY underappreciated. Not too bad for the "other" Johnson in the Calvin class.

- Durant Brooks... I can't believe I'm writing about a punter 2 weeks in a row. Anyway, Brooks is a serious customer. The 65 yard punt absolutely came at the perfect time. His most spectacular punt was the one he angled away from the pressure and still managed great hang time and about 50 yards in distance. We still experience protection problems at times and also periodic offensive play-calling brain freezes, so there is a need for Brooks to bail us out. He has done this each time. While other Special Team Units have been suspect, the punting game has been terrific.

- MJ is back... Remember in Michael Jordan's heyday. Even your wife could walk by the TV and notice how good he was? Well the same thing happens with MJ. My GF just can't believe MJ doesn't start. Every time he's on the field something good happens. He plays the game at a different level than most. He jumps off the page just as much as Calvin. Yet he doesn't start. I absolutely can't believe he's not starting. Oliver is a very solid player, but I can't see why we're limiting ourselves. His play helped seal the deal. That being said, he should be spelling Robo and/or MJ in obvious running situations and not getting spelled in obvious passing situations. I thought this change could be made a few games ago. It's nitpicky but I want to see our best defensive player on the field even more than he is now. As much as people want to get CJ involved on O, I want MJ involved on D.

- Atmosphere... The game day atmosphere has been a very pleasant surprise. Fans are into the games. Fans are actually at the games. It appeared to be lots of Miami fans walking around, but not so much inside. Even when they were up in the game, it wasn't nearly as bad as 2 years ago. The ND & Miami flyovers were excellent. I only wish we had a live singer for the national anthem. The lady for the ND game was excellent (and easy on the eyes might I add). The pre-game stuff is great. Can someone please tell me why the home team comes out 1st? I would love to go from booing the visiting teams entrance to TI's "Bring 'em out. Bring 'em out. Bring 'em out". Then we ride the emotion to the opening kick. If you've been to a Falcons game, you know what I mean. GT basically jacked the song. Another good way to connect with a segment of society GT hasn't traditionally touched. One more thing. The guys in the prison suits and handcuffs were funny. Great job of heckling the opposition.

- Tyler Evans... He has been better than expected (my expectations anyway) on the punt return team. I'm still interested in seeing his finishing speed. I will not waiver on my desire for a threat in the return game. Between Earls, CE3, Marius, Clark, Evans, Grant, etc... I need somebody to put 7 on the board from the kick game.

- Reggie Ball... Last but not least, as my signature states, we will miss this young man when he's gone. He has been raked over the coals by many. To each his own. At the same time, Reggie is one of the toughest players we've had in some time. He has faced criticism from opposing teams, media, radio call-in shows and even GT fans that would wilt many players. He's stood tall. He spent 4 years pretty much running for his life and I've never heard him call out the OL (kinda like Mike Vick). He will end his GT career high on the list of wins, yardage, points, etc. He has gotten more criticism than deserved and blamed for more problems than were his fault. Please spend much of the next 2+ months appreciating the man for his contributions. Don't forget who was named as a big reason in CJ choosing GT.


- Bell... Hmmm.... I refuse to put Bell under the Good category for hitting 3 FGs he should have hit. His job is like the closer. He will not get credit from me for getting a save with a 3-run lead. We (GT fans) shouldn't be afraid to watch short to mid-range FGs. Good Job last week. Please gain some consistency the next few weeks. We may need you against UGA and later.

- Backside Zone... We were lucky quite a few times last week. I've noticed several WRs running free behind both the CB and the Safety. Luckily, Wright only attempted one pass and it was too long. We still play too much zone for my liking, but I can't complain about the overall defensive production. I just don't like the amount of zone we play.

- Jason Webster/Pat Clark... We have a CB who is very much like Webster. He started the year very well, but now teams are looking for him as soon as he touches the field. I thought this problem was resolved, but it came back. Some plays he doesn't cover anyone. I hope he gets back to WR. I think he was better on offense last year.

- Tackling... We were terrible at tackling. We made this game more exciting due to the missed tackle. We need to shore this area up. We use terrible form. Not sure where this comes from. We give Coach T lots of props for the Defense, but no one ever brings him to task on the lack of tackling. This is our main issue on Special Teams as well. It would be a great time to work on form tackles while knocking around the Tobacco Road Crew. I'm done with GT stuff. Too happy to do too much negative stuff. A few other notes...

Random Ramblins

- FSU... Lee should have the QB 3-4 games ago. Drew Weatherford is horrible. He has gotten a lot longer leash than expected. He could have single handed gotten the fans off Papa Bowden's back.

- Miami... Miami isn't a bad team. They are a poorly coached team. I'd be giddy to see what Chan could do with some of those guys (we'll see in 2 years with the way we're recruiting). I think they have quit on the coach. I expect a full sweep of the Athletic department. Butch Davis would be huge, but would he want to come back?

- Vick-torious... Talk Radio is funny. We've spent the entire season (minus past 2 weeks) stating we need to alter the offense. Vick comes out and says the exact same thing, and then he's bashed on the radio as not being a leader. The coaches call more passing plays and give Vick more control, now he's putting up big stats. Now all is well. What was wrong with the leader of the team trying to affect positive change. Until Vick wins a championship, we have to put up with all the negative comments when we lose and all the praise when he wins. If you hear the criticism, you would think Vick's winning % was similar to David Carr (who always gets a pass). BTW... Falcons vs Ravens is still my Super Bowl pick.

- NBA... Quick thoughts. Season starts too early. Hawks compete for Playoffs. Knicks surprise of NBA season. Wade, LaBron have lots of injuries after too much basketball in a short period of time. Amare is done as an explosive player. He has the Penny Hardaway issue. Coming back too early last year will kill him.

- Bush-whacked... I'm not a Bush guy. Reggie Bush that is. Bush is not a very good NFL RB. He keeps watching his highlight tapes and trying to get outside. That doesn't work. If he doesn't learn to just take his 3 yards, he will never be a decent back. He's is a good WR, but at this point he hasn't been better than Mario Williams or Vince Young on the field. He has been good for the box-office though.

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