Recruiting Update: Morgan Burnett tracked down Morgan Burnett to speak with him about his recruiting after many of the prime games over the past few weeks. Morgan updates his decision timetable, favorites, campus visits and other internet rumors. tracked down Morgan Burnett to speak with him about his recruiting after many of the prime games over the past few weeks.

Morgan, has anything new on the recruiting front developed since we last spoke a few weeks ago? "No sir, everything is just about the same. All the teams I am considering are wide open in my eyes." Recruiting is going good and I am getting a lot of attention from my major schools that I like."

Have any new schools cropped up from the last time we spoke? "No sir, it is still the same core that I like and it will probably stay that way throughout the recruiting season."

Have any teams dropped out of contention with you? "no sir, I still have that same group that my decision will come from.'

Speaking of your decision, any time table for when you will decide on which college you will attend? I'd like to make my decision after my high school football season, most likely right before signing day."

Also, there is a rumor that your brother will play a big decision in where you go to college, that him being at UGA will influence your decision. Is that true? "No sir, he has maintained from day one that I should go where I feel is best for me no matter what college it is and he will support my decision 100% no matter what school I decide to attend. He wants me to be my own man and make a decision that is best for me."

Have you attended any game over the last few weeks? "Yes sir, I went to the Tennessee/UGA game and the GT/Virginia game and the Tech game was awesome. There was great electricity surrounding that game. GT played excellent defense and I really enjoyed my time there that night."

Were you able to make the GT-Miami game? "No sir, I didn't but I wanted to see it. I noticed that the Yellow Jackets picked up two great recruits in Cedric Everson and Derrick Morgan right after the game."

Speaking of Georgia Tech, who is recruiting you for the Yellow Jackets? Coach Brian Jean-Mary is my coach there and I really like him, he's a good man."

There is a trend this year it seems that recruits are bonding with other recruits and stay in contact with them. Do you have any that you talk to from time to time? "Yes sir, I talk to Roddy Jones a good bit and Eric Berry on occasions. I've also talked to Cedric Everson too.

How is your team in high school doing? "We won 32-0 on Saturday night and will play Baldwin County this Friday in our region play-offs. We hope to continue our good season and make it to the state game and win it all." Top Stories