Burnett: "really excited about this weekend"

Scout.com spoke with Morgan Burnett as he is preparing for his official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend.

Scout.com spoke with Morgan Burnett as he is preparing for his official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend.

Morgan, is there anything new on the recruiting front since we last spoke?

"No sir, all the same teams are calling me and recruing me hard."

What teams are those?

"Georgia Tech, South Carolina , Florida , Auburn , Tennessee , and Georgia"

Nice list of teams, would any of those stand out over the others?

"No sir, I am wide open and really don't have a favorite right now."

I know you have an official visit set up this weekend to visit Georgia Tech, are you looking forward to that?

"Yes I am very much. I've been there before but now I'll get to see the whole deal and see what the school has to offer. I'm really excited about this weekend."

Who are the coaches that you speak most to at Georgia Tech?

"Coach BJ and Coach Smith are 2 that I talk to the most and they are super guys, very down to earth, very honest and I feel they are being up front with me and very honest when they say I would make their team much better."

You have four more official visits after this one, which teams will get those four?

"I know for sure that South Carolina , Auburn and Florida will be three of them and I am deciding between Tennessee and Georgia as to which team will get my last official visit".

One question that I haven't asked you in the past and would like to hear what your answer is: If a school came to you and said that they wanted you to be a wide receiver instead of a safety, would you still consider them or drop them from your list of schools you are considering?

"I would drop that team. I really want to play safety and feel that is my best position. Now I wouldn't mind playing a few downs at wide receiver but I want to play defense (safety) as my main position in college.

When can we expect a decision on your college of choice?

"I plan on sitting down after all my visits and deciding then. I want to be sure that the one I choose is the right college for me and my future."

This reporter has set a time to call Morgan to get a report on how his visit went this weekend at Georgia Tech, so be prepared for a quick update on Morgan.

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