Defense Donley, Defense!

With 20 teams in the Georgia Dome playing late playoff quality football, it's tough to pick out the best college prospect in the Dome, but I'll give it a shot and go with D.J. Donley of Charlton County. A word of advice to D.J....Defense Donley, Defense!

D.J. Donley is one of the best big athletes in the country, and he has the ability to play several positions on the next level. He has expressed his desire to play wide receiver at Georgia Tech, but any right thinking, non wide receiver coach in the world that has seen Donley play, knows one thing: he's an absolute monster on defense.

At 6-4+ and pushing 200 pounds, Donley is a natural on defense. He's a good wide receiver because of his physical ability, but he's not the instinctive player that he is on defense.

Never have I been more convinced of this than watching Donley in the Georgia Dome on Saturday in the State Semi Finals against Early County. I put together nearly a three minute highlight clip of Donley in action, and the only offensive play I can remember him being involved in was a fake punt for a first down.

However, on defense, Donley had three decleating hits and two interceptions amongst his double digit tackles.

When I first started interviewing prospective student athletes about why they liked playing offense or defense. I like the answer that I got from some of the defensive players.

"I control the play."

Offense for the most part is cohesive teamwork. A lot has to go right to make a play work. A receiver can beat his man all day long and never see the ball. The best running back in the country must have blocking.

On defense, if the defender wins his battle, he wins the play. It doesn't matter that the corner fell down if the defensive end put the quarterback on his back.

Playing both sides of the ball all game long, Donley was invisible on offense. He was all over the field on defense. He controlled his own destiny.

Donley may get his shot to play wide receiver at Georgia Tech, but D.J., please go and talk to John Tenuta and tell him you want to have more games like you did today in this video highlight:

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