Morgan Burnett Returns from Georgia Tech

Morgan Burnett just returned home from his visit to Georgia Tech. had the opportunity to talk to Morgan to see how his visit went.

Morgan Burnett just returned home from his visit to Georgia Tech. had the opportunity to talk to Morgan to see how his visit went.

Morgan, I understand you just got home this afternoon from your visit to Georgia Tech? "Yes sir I did and I feel real good about my trip."

So, your visit was a good one? "Yes, sir it was more than good it was very good. I really enjoyed my whole time there. I had a great time while at Georgia Tech?

So what did you do on the trip? "We got there and had a good meal and then hung out with the players on Friday. Then we toured the campus, got a feel of how important the academics are and how good they are at Georgia Tech, and saw the athletic facilities too."

Who was your player host when you were there? TC, Tashard Choice, was my guide. What did you think of TC? "Well, we are very good friends to start with but TC was very upbeat and was a great host, he made the experience real fun."

What did you think of the academics? "They are top notch and the support there is tremendous, you can tell they care about the players with how they stress the importance of the quality of the academic program and the support that is there for each and every S-A. Awesome is how I would describe them."

How about the facilities? "They are top notch too. The locker room and players lounge are something to see, they are great."

What else did you do while you were there? "We, all the recruits, got a feel of the whole environment of Georgia Tech. Of how it is a great campus tucked away in the big city of Atlanta. All the recruits there bonded real well, we got along great. Kyle Jackson was so much fun to be around, he was so upbeat about Tech and you could tell that all the recruits were getting along great, myself included."

Who was you coach that was your host this weekend? "Coach BJ, Coach Brian Jean-Mary, was my host and I really like him. He told me that Coach Gailey wanted me as hard hitting safety and that he had some few wrinkles on offense that he felt I would be a perfect fit for. With safety being the position I want to play, that made me feel real good."

So Morgan, can you see yourself wearing the White and Gold? "Yes sir I could very well see myself doing that. Georgia Tech was already real high on my list of school and this visit confirmed that even more."

How would you rate your visit to Georgia Tech? "I'd give a 10 out of a possible 10, it was really, really great. I had a great time. The players were all great and the recruits there were great and the current players and the recruits all bonded well together."

So, is there a chance we could see a commitment soon? "I have a visit this up coming weekend to South Carolina and then will visit Florida and Auburn in January. I'm not sure who is getting my 5th visit, most likely either Tennessee or Georgia. But I will make my decision in January.

Well it seems Morgan really liked his visit to the Jackets this weekend and Morgan and myself will talk again next Sunday to see how his visit to South Carolina went and the two visits stack up with one another. Top Stories