Burnett Talks Recruiting

Morgan Burnett took a few minutes out of his Sunday evening to talk recruiting with Scout.com

Scout.com caught up with Morgan Burnett as the recruiting process is winding down. Morgan hasn't officially committed to anyone one team but there seems to a leader for his services.

I understand you had to cancel your South Carolina visit back in December, what happened to cause that? "My high school had their annual football banquet that weekend and I attended that instead of going up to South Carolina."

I see, how did the banquet go? "I got quite a few awards and I was surprised that I was able to get as many as I did. It was a good ending to a good high school career for me."

Let's turn to recruiting. Has anything changed since we last spoke? "Not really, I had my visit to Georgia Tech on the 8th of December and like I said before that trip was very, very good. I really enjoyed the whole thing. They made me feel like family."

So are you still going to visit the other four schools? "I don't know when I will visit but if I do it will be only to Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee and it if I do it will be sometime this month, not sure when though."

Have you been in contact with any Georgia Tech coaches since Coach Gailey has been talking to Miami about their opening? "I got word from Coach BJ (Coach Brian Jean-Mary) that Coach Gailey will stay at Georgia Tech and be the head coach. He's committed to Georgia Tech."

Let's say that Coach Gailey did take the Miami job, would you still consider Georgia Tech and go there to play? "Yes sir, I would. I like everything Georgia Tech has to offer even though Coach Gailey is a big reason I am considering Georgia Tech."

I know the Georgia Tech verbals are close, do you talk to any of them? "Yes sir, Roddy Jones, Nick Claytor, and Kyle Jackson are the ones I either text or talk to on the phone. We are close and get along with one another very well.

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