Morgan Burnett Makes It Offical.

Morgan Burnett makes it official that he will be become a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. called Morgan Burnett, the 19th rated safety in the nation and a 4-star Scout rated recruit, as this writer had a feeling after our conversation this past Sunday that he would have a decision of his choice of schools tonight.

Morgan, I had a feeling after we spoke Sunday that you would make a decision this week on where you will go to college to play ball. Have you decided on a school?

"Yes sir, I am a Yellow Jacket. I am very happy to say that and it feels good to finally let everyone know what I have felt since my official visit to Georgia Tech."

So you have pretty much known since your visit that Georgia Tech was the school for you, correct?

"Yes sir, my visit was off the chart, I had such a great time while I was there. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it there it was so good. It was better than any school I've been to at any time."

Do you plan on visiting any other schools now that you made your committment? "No sir, I don't plan on taking those visits now."

What were the determining factors in guiding you to Georgia Tech?

"After my visit with Tech, we as a family sat down and discussed how it went. Everyone felt that Georgia Tech had great coaches that were honest, up front with me and my family as well. We all felt that Georgia Tech was the best fit for me. The campus was great. Tech has the best to offer in the form of athletics, academics, coaching staff and academic support. I like the fact that they help you and guide you but treat you like a man and let you make decisions on your own as well. The facilities are top notch and combine that with the coaches and academics, it wasn't a hard decision for me."

Have you told any other coaches about your decision?

"No sir, but when they call I am letting them know that it is over and I am very firm on my decision and there is no need to talk about any other schools."

What has Cap said to you about your decision?

"He has been tremendous in support. He told me that he felt Georgia Tech was a great fit for me. In fact when he comes to my games at Georgia Tech, he will be wearing Georgia Tech gear in support of me. That is how much he is supporting my decision."

Have you decided on what you want to major in when you get to Georgia Tech?

"No sir, not yet but I have a feeling which way I will go but I haven't marked it down as a set major yet."

When you get to Tech do you have a number you want to wear?

"Yes sir, I want to wear #1, that is my hope."

Have you been in contact with any of the other recruits?

"Yes, I've talked to Kyle Jackson and I am hoping to meet up with Kyle, Roddy, and Nick at the ESPNZone to sign my LOI. If I do that, I will still have a signing function at my high school too."

Has any of the coaches mentioned anything to you about Coach Gailey and the Miami Dolphins?

"Yes Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) told me that Coach Gailey was talking to the Dolphins but all the coaches say Coach Gailey will be back at Georgia Tech to finish out his career. Still, no matter what, I am 100% committed to Georgia Tech and will be a Yellow Jacket regardless of who is coaching there."

Well, Georgia Tech continues to reel in the top notch recruits as 4-star safety Morgan Burnett becomes the 19th player to commit to the Yellow Jackets this recruiting year. Top Stories