Malcolm Munroe Adding Offers

Malcolm Munroe is a defensive prospect from Fla. with an impressive combination of size and speed. That combination has contributed to an increasingly long list of college suitors. Malcolm now claims around 20 offers from football programs across the southeast and beyond.

Malcom Munroe Profile

Though Malcolm says, "Everything's pretty even," among his favorites list, he did rattle off a list of schools with offers for him that he is interested in. "UCF, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, Rutgers, Wisconsin, and Louisville," all make the cut according to Munroe.

Don't look for a commitment from Malcolm anytime soon though. He says that will come, "After the season -- after official visits."

As for those official visits, there are two schools for sure he knows will be among the five possible official visits. "Georgia Tech and UCF, that's all I know for sure," said Munroe.

Unofficially, he's already been to The Swamp to check out the Florida Gators. "I already took a visit to UF and that's about it," said Munroe. "It was good. I watched them workout and stuff. The coaches were really nice." Later on when talking about coaches he liked on the recruiting trail he also sited Florida's John "Doc" Holliday.

As for the high school season leading up to college decisions, Malcolm and his teammates have a unique goal for the 2007 season and one you don't often read or hear about. "We're working hard as a team, trying to get to the playoffs for the first time in school history," said Munroe. "And that's our goal for now at least."

During's Miami combine, Malcolm measured up at 6'3", 205 pounds and ran a 4.66 40-yard dash. That speed-size combination has schools looking at him several different ways for their defense. Munroe said he's being looked at for, "Different positions: strong safety, linebacker, and like a hybrid d-end in the 3-4." As for schools looking for someone at his size to be strong safety he said, "Connecticut and maybe UF." In high schools he plays both ways – linebacker on defense and tight end or even slot receiver on offense to make use of his athleticism.

Munroe had the following to say about Georgia Tech, one of his favorites with an offer for him, "I like Tech a lot," said Munroe. "It's in a good location. It's a good academic school; a powerful degree if I get it – when I get it. You have a chance to play for a championship and they might look into giving me early playing time, if I come in there ready – I have a good chance."

Malcolm says coaches Jeep Hunter, Giff Smith and Head Coach Chan Gailey have all spent time recruiting him for the Yellow Jackets.

Over the summer Malcolm will be doing a lot of school and football preparations, and doesn't have many other "fun" activities in the plans. "I don't really have that much fun planned," said Munroe. "I've got an SAT course and summer school." No, that doesn't sound like much fun at all! Top Stories