Chris Jackson – Still Looking?

Chris Jackson was the first player from the 2008 Georgia Tech class to commit to the Yellow Jackets. With the recent coaching change at Tech though, Jackson has taken an official visit to Alabama and talks here about where he stands now in the recruiting process.

Chris Jackson was the first player from the 2008 Georgia Tech class to commit to the Yellow Jackets.  In fact, he announced his commitment through this site in December of 2006.  Tech fans have come to know just about everything there is to know about Chris since then and he has been seen at many practices and just about every home game since he announced he was coming.  So, could the most familiar name from this class possibly end up not coming to GT at all?  

Last Friday GT hired Navy's Paul Johnson to replace former Head Coach Chan Gailey, who was let go after 6 seasons.  When there is a transition like that naturally recruits are going to give pause to consider their original decisions.  Tech has lost one recruit so far in the process with highly-touted QB prospect Sean Renfree deciding that Johnson's offensive system doesn't fit his skill sets.

As Tech was naming Johnson as Head Coach, Chris Jackson was on his way to Alabama for an official visit.  He enjoyed the visit and said he got to spend some time with former GT coach Geoff Collins as part of his visit.

Upon his return to Henry County, Chris was visited on Monday night by new Tech Coach Paul Johnson.  He was accompanied by Coach Giff Smith as well.  Giff was Defensive Line Coach and Recruiting Coordinator under Coach Gailey.  Though it hasn't been announced yet whether Coach Smith is staying with the new regime, many think that's a very likely scenario since Giff coached under Coach Johnson at Georgia Southern.  Chris also sensed that Giff would be around as well, "By the looks of it, it looks like Giff's staying," said Jackson.

Chris thinks he may have been the first of the committed players to be visited by the new Head Coach.  "They just talked to me about everything, about how they're going to handle the recruits," said Jackson.  "They talked about the offense." 

Chris said the staff envisioned him being able to lineup in a number of different positions on the offense including in the slot and out wide.  Coach Johnson explained to him how the offense worked at his last two stops – Navy and Georgia Southern.

As for Chris' impression of Coach Johnson, he said, "I thought he was a good guy, very nice."

As for the coaching change at Tech, though the entire process took about 10 days, it must have seemed like forever for people who actually had a stake in the results.  "It was pretty slow paced getting a new coach in and everything but yeah, it's just different," said Jackson.

Chris, who has typically been one of the more social guys in the class, hasn't been in touch with all of the other guys in the class lately.  With many finishing up on high school playoffs in the last few weeks, a lot of the guys have been pretty busy.  He did say though that he had spoken with a couple of guys since the coaching change at Tech.  "I talked to Nick (McRae) and Sean Renfree – we talked for a long time, but that's about it," said Jackson.  Renfree, who opened up his recruitment didn't indicate to Chris where he might be heading now.

So with all that's happened in the past couple weeks, Tech fans have wondered about the answer to the big question.  Is Chris Jackson firm to Tech?  A local newspaper quoted him in yesterday's addition saying he was 100% but he seemed less sure of that answer as of last night.  "Right now I'm still committed to Tech so…  I don't know what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks," said Jackson.  Jackson has to decide soon because he's currently planning on enrolling at Georgia Tech in January, so he only has a few weeks to make his final decision.  When asked if he was still open to looking around, he answered, "Yes sir."  Obviously with last week's official visit, Alabama would be in the mix but there are also a number of schools that have come by the school recently to talk with other recruits from the school.  Those schools have also shown interest in Chris along with his QB, junior Drew Little.

GT will have a good shot at re-firming up the relationship with Chris this weekend though as they have planned his official visit for then.  It will be a very important week for Chris and Georgia Tech.  Other schools may reportedly try and work out in-home visits with Chris before he takes his weekend visit to Tech.  He doesn't know who will be his player host for the visit but said previously running back Jonathan Dwyer had talked to him about possibly being his host. Top Stories