Cooper Taylor "Pumped" About Tech

Georgia Tech commit Cooper Taylor talks about his in-home visit with new GT coach Paul Johnson. Taylor expressed excitement with the possibilities Coach Johnson brings to the table. He even gives some possible insight on how the new coach may fill out his new coaching staff. called Cooper Taylor as promised after Georgia Tech hired a new coach to get his feelings on the decision.  Luck had it as we started our conversation; Coach Paul Johnson had left about 20 minutes beforehand so we had a little to talk about.

Cooper, on our last conversation you mentioned that you were a solid commitment to Georgia Tech even though Coach Gailey was let go.  After hearing that Coach Johnson was hired, did that affect your decision? 

"No sir, Coach Johnson just left, we had a visit of about an hour and a half and I was very impressed with his plans for Georgia Tech. "

What was your first impression of Coach Johnson? 

"I liked him, I liked him a lot.  He told me how they wanted me at Georgia Tech and what plans they had for me and how I fit into them.  I played safety in high school and they said that I would be a great fit for Georgia Tech at safety but they liked the fact I played quarterback too and asked if I was willing to play there too."

What is your feeling on that?  

"I told Coach Johnson that I'd play anywhere they needed me to play, that I am extremely excited, very much pumped about attending Georgia Tech.  Coach Johnson really has it together and knows what it takes to win."

What was the most impressive part of his plans? 

"He had a plan on how he wants Georgia Tech to rise above the 7-5 mentality and records of the past few years and that the main goals each season are to win the ACC and to beat Georgia.  He had great ideas on what he feels needs to be done to get Georgia Tech to that level and from just talking to him I can envision him making this happen."

There have been rumors floating around that Coach Johnson will run a pure triple option offense.  Did you get that feeling or did Coach Johnson tell you he would be doing that?  

"Coach Johnson said that the Georgia Tech offense will be one of a variation between the one he ran at Hawaii and the one he ran at Navy.  He wouldn't pass as much as he did at Hawaii but would pass a good deal more than the one at Navy." 

Who attended the meeting with Coach Johnson?  

"Coach BJ (GT LB coach Brian Jean-Mary) was there with him tonight." 

There has been speculation that Coach Johnson was bringing as many offensive coaches from Navy with him but he was open to having some of the old defensive staff from Coach Gailey's regime to stay on.  Did he say anything to you about this?  

"He mentioned that Coach Tenuta's decision will be made first, that his staying is in Coach Tenuta's hands.  I did get the feeling that Coach Giff Smith would be staying regardless." 

I am guessing that Coach Jean-Mary being there is a good sign he will be staying too?  

"I surely hope so as Coach BJ is a good coach and one that I'd like to stay." 

So, it is safe to say that you are indeed 100% committed to Georgia Tech? 

"Yes sir I am and as I am extremely excited and very much pumped up about coming to Georgia Tech. 

My take:

It seems that Coach Johnson has made a very good impression on one of the best safeties in the country and carried on the bond that the coaches at Georgia Tech have made with the recruits of this season.  You could really tell that Cooper was excited about what lies ahead and that the introduction of Coach Paul Johnson's ideas has made him excited at sticking with his commitment to Georgia Tech. Top Stories