Sylvester "Making the Right Decision"

Steven Sylvester had new GT Head Coach Paul Johnson over on Tuesday night for an in-home visit. Sylvester liked what Coach Johnson had to say and he's looking forward to playing for the former Navy coach. had the chance tonight to speak to an outstanding linebacker from the state of Georgia – Steven Sylvester.  Many people were asking questions about whether he was still committed to Georgia Tech after the Yellow Jackets let Head Coach Chan Gailey go after 6 years on the job.  Tonight we got an answer to that question.

Steven, I understand you had an in home visit for Coach Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech? 

"Yes sir, he and Coach (Giff) Smith came by and visited for a good while." 

How did that visit go?

"It went well, very well.  I really enjoyed it and got to know more about Coach Johnson." 

Did that visit re-affirm your commitment to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, it sure did.  I am 100% a Georgia Tech commitment.  I am very solid to the Yellow Jackets." 

What was your impression of Coach Johnson?

"He's a good, no-nonsense type guy that knows what he wants.  I feel he is a very good coach and I'm happy to be able to play for him." 

Did Coach Johnson say anything to you on what he thought of you?

"He did indeed.  He said that just from looking at my film that I was a guy he knew he wanted at Georgia Tech, that he was really impressed with my play from my film.  That was very good to hear.  I know that I made a good bond with Coach Gailey but knowing this, I feel I am making the right decision." 

Hearing you say that makes me ask if you think Coach Gailey and Coach Johnson are similar to you?

"Yes sir, in personality they seem very similar but I get the feeling that Coach Johnson is more upbeat." 

Did Coach Johnson say anything to you about what coaches will be here at Georgia Tech from the old staff or what coaches he will be bringing with him from Navy?

"No sir, he didn't but it's my understanding that Coach Giff Smith will be staying and that I will see all the coaches when I take my official visit on the weekend of January 11th.  I will be able to meet all the coaches then. 

My Take:

Well, it seems Coach Johnson has made another great impression on one of Georgia Tech's verbal commitments.  From speaking with Steven he will be a great addition to the group of linebackers Georgia Tech has and carry on a tradition that the Yellow Jackets have built for themselves over the years of having great linebackers. Top Stories