Roark Busy for Final Recruiting Stretch

Matt Roark still has two schools he plans on visiting and will make a decision after those final two visits. Matt is a versatile athlete that is being recruited for the quarterback or the wide receiver positions.

Matt, how is your recruiting shaping up?

"I just got back from Duke this weekend and that visit was good, I liked it a lot. "

So, what teams are in your final cut?

"Illinois, Duke, Georgia Tech, Kentucky and Wake Forest are my final five. I will decide from those schools."

Do you have any visits left you plan on taking?

"I will go to Wake Forest this up coming weekend for an official visit but I plan on making two unofficial visits to Georgia Tech. I will go this Thursday and one day next week as well. I plan on getting all the information I need from these visits."

Can you say there is a leader yet?

"No sir I can't. I have to visit Wake Forest and Georgia Tech before I can make any team a leader."

Have you set a time table for when you hope to have a decision made?

"No sir, I'd like to get all the information I can and weigh it all out and decide from there. I want it to be right."

With Duke and Georgia Tech having new coaches, what are your thoughts on them?

"I know Coach Cutcliffe from him recruiting me at Tennessee and I like him. I haven't had the chance to meet Coach Paul Johnson, so that is why I am making two trips to get to know the staff and him better."

What will be the determining factors in making your final decision on your college of choice?

"Well, how I feel around the team, coaches and the area are real important. Also, what position I will play is a big part too. I want to play quarterback or wide receiver in college. I feel these factors will be the backbone of my decision." Top Stories