Evan Epstein sets up final two visits

Evan Epstein, Dallas (Tex.) Bishop Lynch HS, spoke with Scout.com about how he expects his recruitment to play out over the final couple of weeks. He has 2 more visits lined up and then will make a decision.

Evan Epstein, Dallas (Tex.) Bishop Lynch HS, spoke with Scout.com about how he expects his recruitment to play out over the final couple of weeks. He has 2 more visits lined up and then will make a decision.

Evan, how is your recruiting coming along?

"It's going just awesome. I picked up an offer from Cal just recently, and I got back from an official visit at Air Force. I have Cal and Georgia Tech left to visit and UCLA is calling me to try and get me to visit there too."

How did your visit go at Air Force?

"It went great. I saw everything they had. Learned about what goes on at a military school. Learned about the brotherhood the guys have and loved the visit altogether."

When are your visits to California and Georgia Tech?

"I am going to Cal this upcoming weekend then to Georgia Tech the following weekend. Coach Spencer wanted me to come to Georgia Tech this upcoming weekend but I had already committed to visiting Cal, so I will go to Georgia Tech the next weekend. I am looking forward to both visits. I am originally from Newport Beach, California and it would nice to see northern California as it is very different from southern California. I have heard so many great things about Georgia Tech and the city of Atlanta plus I know Coach (Todd) Spencer from when he was recruiting me while he was at Navy."

Do you feel that you might commit to one school early?

"No sir, I am adamant about visiting each school to see what they have to offer and if I made a hasty decision and then visited the next school on my list and liked it better, I would call and tell the coaches I was changing. I am a man of my word but this is a decision that is very, very important and will affect the next four to five years of my life. It has to be a well informed decision."

So, basically you are down to Air Force, Georgia Tech, and California?

"Yes sir I am at that."

What does each school have to offer that appeals to you?

"Academically, I want to go to law school after getting my BA. All three schools are great in academics so I feel they are even that way. I can get a great degree from either school. I'd like to major in business and I do know that Georgia Tech has a great business school as well as one of the best academics in all the country. Cal is Cal, they have great academics too. Air Force is great too but I have to decide if I want to spend the next 2 to 5 years after graduating in the military."

Looking at the three schools, you have a mixture of types of settings (weather, city size, etc). Is that a factor to you?

"No sir. I am from Dallas and it's a big town but I have no objection to living in a small town or living in a campus that is in a large town even though I've heard that at Georgia Tech, it's like a small town inside of Atlanta. Dallas, we have weather extremes; hot summers, snow in the winter, so that isn't a factor either."

Will there be anything else that will play a part in making your decision on which school you will attend?

"I look at the team and see who I will be playing with and also what type of opportunity will I get to play right away or not. I don't mind red-shirting as I am only 17 and still growing and can use the red-shirt year to get bigger and stronger. I can use that year to learn from the starting center and learn the blocking techniques from the starters. I'd like to play right away but I do see positives from having a red-shirt year too."

Speaking of blocking techniques, what do you feel is your best technique?

"In high school we have done it all. I have had three coaches in three years so I've learned and done it all. I zone blocked, finesse type blocking or stand up and kill the player right in front of you blocking. I have no problem on what type of blocking my college coach will ask of me."

As for committing to a school, when would you like to be done with that part?

"I want to have it done before signing day so I can relax and enjoy the time before signing day. So shortly after my last visit, I will know and let the coaches know which college I will attend.

Talking to his Dad, he told me that Evan has turned down several big time football type schools like Ohio State. Evan and his family know the importance of getting not only good football coaching but the importance of a quality education. Evan wants to be proud of his diploma and get one that will carry Evan far in life. Evan is fully qualified and carries a 3.9 grade point average and scored very well on his SAT. He has offers from Ivy League schools (Harvard) to come and play football there, but Evans wants a great combination of academics and football, so that is why he is basically down to the three schools he is at now.

Dale's Take:
After our talk, I know for a fact that whichever college gets Evan, they will get a hard working, quick learning and talented kid. Don't let the 2-star ranking fool you. This young man is talented and will be a force on the offensive line. He comes from good bloodlines. His Dad was a college wrestler and his Grandfather played at Notre Dame under Coach Frank Leahy and is the only player in college history to have played with three Heisman Trophy winners, Leon Hart 1949, John Lattner 1953, and Paul Horning 1956. Frank Epstein played in 1949-50 and then went to the Korean War and then came back and finished in 1956.

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