Lee Butler Switches to Georgia Tech

Lee Butler, from Anderson (SC) Westside HS, committed to Duke back in June of last year. Since then he continued to have suitors for his services. Now he has switched his commitment and will attending Georgia Tech after Yellow Jacket coaches finished up with an in-home visit with him on Wednesday night.

Lee Butler called Scout.com tonight to let us know of a new turn on his recruiting. A new team had entered the picture in his recruiting. Lee called to let us know that indeed the new team was the one for him.

Lee you had three visitors tonight for an in-home visit, how did that go?

"Coach Paul Johnson, Coach Brian Jean-Mary, and Coach Wommack came by to make an in-home visit and I let them know that I wanted to change my verbal commitment from Duke to Georgia Tech. I've already called the coaches at Duke and let them know that I will not be coming there and that Georgia Tech is the place for me. It's like a dream come true for me. I've dreamed all my life of playing at a place like Georgia Tech and now it will come true."

What is the appeal of Georgia Tech to you?

"Georgia Tech is a place that has the best of both worlds. They have strong academics and place a great team on the field of play as well. I've always wanted to attend and play at a college that is the best of both worlds and, like I said, it's my dream and I get to do it now. Georgia Tech has one of the best engineering degrees in the country and I want to major in Electrical Engineering when I get there."

Is there anything else about Georgia Tech that made this decision easy for you?

"Yes sir there is indeed. I know Georgia Tech will be a strong team on the field and will be a bowl team. They are on television a lot and they have some of the best fans in the nation. I know the fans will support their team and playing in front of them is awesome. I am excited about playing in front of all the great fans at Georgia Tech. Also, I wanted to be on a team that is an established program and that is not just a basketball first school. Duke football is an up and coming team, but they are a basketball first school. Basketball is great but I love football and Georgia Tech has both a good football team and basketball team. Georgia Tech is also in the ACC which is a great conference. It will be great to be playing against teams like Clemson, Virginia Tech, Miami and then playing teams like an Auburn and Georgia out of conference."

How about the campus of Georgia Tech, did you like it even though it is in a major city?

"It is surprising. You think of Atlanta and think Georgia Tech will be surrounded by the big city stuff but when I got to the campus, it was like it was a small city of its own. You didn't have to worry about the stories that you hear about big city life. At night it was very quiet and you get the feeling you are indeed in a small town."

Right now what is your exact height and weight and what part of the defensive backfield will you play?

"I am 5'10" and 175 pounds. The coaches told me I will get a chance to play either safety or cornerback but I think I will be a cornerback at Georgia Tech. Either way it doesn't matter to me. Also, I am fully qualified and will be ready to enroll in June when freshmen are ready to report."

What did you think of the three coaches that you met tonight?

"I really like Coach Johnson. He is laid back and is also very funny but when you talk to him you realize he knows his football. He knows his teams will be successful and he will take the players and mold them into a bowl team. He is very confident in his offense and you can see it in him that he will make his teams succeed. Coach BJ and Coach Wommack are great coaches too. They know their positions and will coach up their players. I feel real comfortable with them and real confident that we will be successful as a team."

So are you planning on making your scheduled visit to Vanderbilt this weekend?

"No sir not at all. I can't stress to you enough that I am through with my recruiting. I've already called Duke and de-committed and I am excited about becoming a Yellow Jacket. My recruiting is done and I will not be visiting Vanderbilt, that visit is cancelled."

How about playing time, are you looking to play right away or do you feel you will get a red-shirt year?

"Well, like all players, I'd like to play right away but I know some of the greatest players red-shirted, so if I red-shirt, that will not be a problem. I will be able to use that year to get stronger, bigger, and faster. Plus I will be able to use the year to get accustomed to the academics of college and college life as a whole."

I know you made an official visit to Georgia Tech last weekend. Who was your player host while you were there?

"Dominique Reese was my host. He was great. He informed me of everything there is to know about Georgia Tech. He told me about the academics, the college life, practices and what is expected of a Georgia Tech student-athlete. He kept it real and that was great."

Anything in closing you would like to add Lee?

"I am excited about coming to Georgia Tech and I want to let everyone know that I am through with my recruiting and looking forward to fulfilling my dream about playing at a college like Georgia Tech. I can't wait until this fall.

Dale's Take:
Well, it is very obvious that Lee is looking forward to playing at Georgia Tech. With the enthusiasm he has about coming to Tech, you better believe he will carry that onto the playing field. Lee is a great pick up for the Yellow Jackets and Coach Johnson is showing you can do great things with hard work, such as getting a player like Lee Butler, in a very short time.

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