Joe Jones adjusts favorites after weekend

Defensive End prospect Joe Jones, from Virginia Beach (Va.), has returned from his final official visit of the recruiting season. He talks about when he will make his final decision and throws a wrinkle into his favorites list today.

Joe Jones enjoyed his Maryland visit over the weekend. "It was pretty good," said Jones. When asked to rate it from 1 to 10 he said, "About a 9." He liked the visit so much that it has caused Maryland to leapfrog one of his leaders from last week. "I think it was better than Virginia Tech but not better than Georgia Tech," said Jones.

Last week when I spoke with Jones he was mostly comparing Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech only saying that he wouldn't eliminate Maryland because he hadn't visited them yet. Now a week later, Maryland has jumped into his top 2 with only days until he makes a decision.

"It's between Maryland and Georgia Tech," said Jones when asked what his favorites list looked like after the weekend. Virginia Tech is still in the running he said but they are third now.

Joe said, "Probably Georgia Tech," when asked if either of his top teams currently held a slight advantage.

So for now it looks like a three team race with a decision looming soon. "Probably sometime early this week," is when Jones expects to announce a decision. Top Stories