Final destination for Jared Edwards?

Jared Edwards, from Arlington (Tex.) Mansfield Timberview HS, took an official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend. Edwards talks about this visit and answers the question on if he's still planning on attending Iowa State.

Jared Edwards answers questions about his visit this weekend to Georgia Tech and about his commitment to Iowa State. Plus another school gets a mention in Edward's plans.

How did your visit go at Georgia Tech this weekend?

"It went really well. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there. I toured the campus, saw the locker room, and players lounge. Everything they have is very good. We went to very nice places to eat as well."

How would you rate your visit to Georgia Tech?

"I say it is a 10, I enjoyed it that much. It was a very, very good visit."

Did you get a chance to meet all the coaches while you were there or just the head coach and your potential position coach?

"I met all the coaches. They are a great group of coaches. I like them a lot."

Giff Smith would be your position coach, what was your impression of him?

"He's really good. He showed me some techniques he uses to coach his players and showed me film of how the defensive line players used those techniques last year and how I would fit into the line rotation and the like."

Are you still committed to Iowa State?

"No sir I de-committed from Iowa State. I will visit Baylor later today and that will be my last visit. I will have a decision on which school I will go to this week."

Would you say you have a leader right now?

"Yes sir, Georgia Tech is my leader, by far."

Since you live in Texas, if you came to Georgia Tech would distance be a problem for you?

"No sir, not at all. I want to go where I feel comfortable."

Dale's Take:
On his visit, you could tell he did indeed like his time in Atlanta and the campus and school at Georgia Tech. Jared really likes the Yellow Jackets and we will see very soon if that will translate into him committing to the Yellow Jackets. Top Stories