Did Butler do it?

I did a quick interview with Lee Butler to address some rumors started by another board that he was going back to Duke. We had a short discussion to address those rumors.

Lee, nice talking to you again since you gave me your commitment story last week. There are a couple of rumors that you will go back to Duke is that true?

"No sir not at all. I don't know where those rumors started but they are not true. Only thing I can think of is that Duke asked me if they could come by Thursday or Friday for a visit to talk to me."

What will you let them know?

"I will tell them that they can come but I am very much committed to Georgia Tech."

So we can post on the boards that you are a GT commitment?

"Yes sir, I am 100% rock solid to Georgia Tech."

Dale's Take:
Well, it appears to me that Lee has put those rumors to bed and he is indeed a Yellow Jacket.

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