New recruit on the radar for GT?

A new face has entered the recruiting front for Georgia Tech. Quentin Sims from Cincinnati, Ohio who is a versatile athlete who plays wide receiver, quarterback, and running back on his high school football will make an official visit to the Flats this Friday through Sunday.

Quentin Sims - Profile

Quentin, I understand you are making an official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend. Was this a planned trip or was it one that just recently came about?

"The coaches at Georgia Tech called and asked if I would be interested in making a trip down to Atlanta for an official visit and I said that I would go. I am looking forward to the trip and will use it to make a final decision on where I go."

I know you are committed to Buffalo, so if the trip goes good and you like what you see, you can see yourself making a change to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, it is a possibility. If I like everything and I feel comfortable with the coaches and all, I can see it happening."

This was a something that happened quickly, how did this come about?

"The coaches called and said that they were looking at my film and liked what they saw and they offered me over the phone and asked me to make an official visit."

Who is the main coach in recruiting you for Georgia Tech?

"Coach (Jeff) Monken recruited me while he was at Navy and he was the one that made the call to me to come down for the visit."

I see you play several positions in high school. What will you play at the college level?

"Buffalo wants me to be a wide receiver. Georgia Tech says that they like me as a quarterback or wide receiver, whichever I fit best."

What do you plan on majoring in college?

"I am looking at going into some sort of a business major."

Since signing day is Wednesday of next week when do you think you will know what your decision will be?

"I will know something for sure by Monday night maybe earlier." Top Stories