New College for Quentin Sims?

Quentin Sims, a versatile athlete from the Cincinnati area of Ohio made a last minute official trip to Georgia Tech. Coming into this weekend he was committed to Buffalo but would that commitment still be firm after his visit to the Yellow Jackets? Quentin and Scout discussed that decision.

Quentin Sims - Profile

Quentin, I heard you had a good trip to Atlanta?

"Yes sir I did at that. It was a great visit. I loved it a lot. We toured the campus and saw the facilities and learned about the academics of Georgia Tech"

What about the trip did you enjoy?

"I liked hanging out with the players and getting to know the coaches. I got along with the players real well. They were great to be around. My host Roddy Jones was great, we got along real well. I enjoyed the restaurants too. We went to the Capital City Grille and Fogo de Chão where we ate some very good Brazilian food."

I understand you went to the basketball game Saturday too?

"Yes sir, it was awesome. The arena was great, the game was great too even though we lost, I really enjoyed being at the basketball game."

I know you were a commit to Buffalo, are you still committed to them?

"No sir, I've changed my commitment to Georgia Tech. I gave the coaches my verbal commitment Saturday night. I am happy to be coming to Georgia Tech."

So, what did you think of Coach Johnson?

"He was great. He answered all my questions about the offense, the academics at Georgia Tech, and about Georgia Tech in general. In fact all the coaches were great."

Do you think you will fit in with his offensive philosophy?

"We ran a similar offense in high school, so I feel I will fit right in with his offense. I was very familiar with some of the terms and schemes he was talking about, so I think I have a good feeling about his offense."

Did Coach Johnson say anything about what position you would play at Georgia Tech?

"He said that he felt it would be best I start out at wide receiver, which is okay with me but that I could possibly move to slot back or quarterback if I fit in better there. That is not a problem either."

You mentioned academics. What did you think of the academics there?

"After the trip, I know Georgia Tech is one the best academic schools in the nation. I want to go into business or management and I saw where Georgia Tech is rated as one of the top business schools in the nations, I liked that a lot too."

How about your parents, how did they enjoy the trip?

"They loved it. They loved what Georgia Tech offers athletes in academic support, the fact that Coach Johnson stresses the academics just as much as football. They feel the academics at Georgia Tech are great and really glad to see all the support I can get from both the school and the coaching staff. They like the fact that the coaches will stay on top of us to make sure we will be successful not only on the football field but in the class room as well."

So, are you looking forward to be in Atlanta for the next four years?

"Yes sir very much. I really enjoyed the weekend there and I know I will enjoy my entire time there. I know the decision to go to Georgia Tech was the right one to make."

Dales' Take:

Quentin and I talked as he and his parents were driving back to Ohio. You could tell he was excited to becoming a Yellow Jacket and attending Georgia Tech. Given that he played in an offense similar to the one Coach Johnson will run at Georgia tech, you have to feel Quentin is player that will fit right in from the start. Also, Quentin is well spoken and really knows that academics are important too and will be successful on the football field and the classroom too. Top Stories