McKayhan Passed Tech Coach's Test

Daniel McKayhan, from Lithonia, Ga. (King HS), committed to GT over the weekend as a wide receiver. At the time of his commitment he was the only WR in the class for the Yellow Jackets. But his announcement was followed shortly by that of Quentin Sims, who is also a receiver. Daniel's high school coach Corey Jarvis shared his thoughts on Monday about one of Tech's two newest offensive weapons.

Coach Jarvis described Daniel McKayhan Jr. as his best athlete. Daniel was mainly a wide receiver for team but also returned punt and kicks and was listed as the backup quarterback. In recruiting terms, teams always liked him as an athlete, meaning he could potentially play several positions in college.

"Most of the people recruited him as an athlete because he also played some safety and cornerback for us in our nickel packages," said Jarvis.

McKayhan, previously committed to Memphis before going with the Yellow Jackets, had numerous other offers for football though they were all from non-BCS conference schools.

"He was offered by every school in the MAC, from Ohio to Kent State and Akron," said Coach Jarvis. "He was offered by pretty much every school in the Sun Belt and Southern Conference – like Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Furman - all those schools offered him also."

His coaches considered Daniel to be very coachable and they loved his athleticism and willingness to play where they asked him to. "He's a great athlete," said Jarvis. "He's just a special kid. You could see that as a 10th grader and a 9th grader. He's worked himself to where he's gotten a lot stronger than what he was at that point. He's a kid that's going to do what you ask him. He's a great kid – we're going to miss him."

Daniel recruitment took place fairly quickly from Tech's perspective though the staff had a great relationship already with Coach Jarvis. Linebacker Coach Brian Jean-Mary, who was retained from the previous staff after Coach Chan Gailey was let go, was instrumental in finding McKayhan. But new wide receiver coach Buzz Preston had to give it his stamp of approval.

"They ended up coming in at the last part of the recruiting process just to see him in person and eyeball him and see if what coach BJ was saying was true," said Jarvis. "Two things that held them off from recruiting him when they got the job were… they were checking if he was small and they were thinking that he was actually our safety that had torn his knee up. They had him and Lyndrez Leslie confused. When Coach BJ explained to him that it was the Leslie kid and that he was way bigger than y'all gave him credit for – they came on in and started recruiting him."

Jarvis stated that Daniel, who goes by the name DJ, is currently 6'½", 185 pounds.

The relationship with Coach BJ was a big part of how McKayhan ended up being a Yellow Jacket. Coach Jarvis has known BJ for quite a while. "Coach BJ has been recruiting our school since I've been here," said Jarvis. "He's a real honest cat… that's the only way I can describe him. He tells us exactly what they're looking for and I tell him whether we have him or don't have him."

Coach Jarvis also had to get to know Coach Preston in a short amount of time.

"He came in and was like ‘We're going to offer this kid if he meets my eyeball test' and he fits the character process that he was looking for," said Jarvis. "So I told him that when you see him and talk with him you'll see he's a genuine kid. He's real high on academics. He knows that he's a student first. It's one of the things that kind of made him de-commit from Memphis – because he was loyal to the commitment – but we talked about a Tech education versus a Memphis education and, on paper, you can't beat a Tech education."


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