OLB/DE Emanuel Dieke discusses recruitment

Emanuel Dieke and Scout.com's Dale McDuffie had a very pleasant conversation about his current recruitment. Emanuel is a very tall OLB/DE from North Clayton (GA) High School. Emanuel stands at 6' 7" and weighs just over 200 pounds.

Emanuel Dieke and Scout.com's Dale McDuffie had a very pleasant conversation about his current recruitment. Emanuel is a very tall OLB/DE from North Clayton (GA) High School. Emanuel stands at 6' 7" and weighs just over 200 pounds.

Emanuel, have you visited any school to start off your recruiting process?

"Yes sir I have. I went to Georgia Tech's Junior Day two weeks ago. I had a really, really great time there. I had a chance to meet the coaches and I came away real impressed with Coach Brian Jean-Mary."

What about Coach BJ impressed you?

"He was extremely nice, very honest and straight forward but he made me feel like I was a part of the team right away. That made me feel real good to feel wanted and already a part of a team."

Did you come away with an offer?

"Yes sir, both Coach Johnson and Coach BJ made sure that I knew Georgia Tech wanted me and that I knew I had an official offer from Georgia Tech. They said they watched my film and really loved what they saw and felt like I would be a big part of their defensive scheme."

Do you have any other Junior Days planned as I know Georgia is having theirs this weekend?

"Georgia didn't bother to call me and let me know that they were having theirs, so I am waiting until camps for the summer to attend those."

Well, since Georgia Tech had made an offer, are there any other schools that you are considering?

"Right now other than Georgia Tech, I am hearing from North Carolina, East Carolina, and Rutgers. Georgia Tech will get one my official visits and I hope to add North Carolina and Mississippi State as two more official visits this year."

Okay, we have a list of schools you are hearing from and hope to attend as official visits, would you say any of those are a leader?

"Yes sir most definitely. Georgia Tech is my leader by far. If I had to sign tomorrow, I would sign with Georgia Tech."

I notice you attend the same school as Morgan Burnett. Is he talking to you about attending Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, Morgan and I talk a good bit. I like what he has to say about Georgia Tech."

Do you have any other people helping you or giving you advice?

"Yes sir, my coaches are helping me. They are telling me that my education is very important as well as playing football. They are telling me to find a school with a great academic reputation and that will take me places after college."

Speaking of academics, what so you hope to major in once you get to college?

"I want to go into pre-medicine and will take a major that will allow me to follow that dream."

How about the visit on Junior Day to Atlanta did you like the city or do you prefer a more laid back small town type college area?

"I love the city of Atlanta. I loved the campus. I know you are in the big city of Atlanta, but once you set foot on campus you get the small town feeling. You get the best of both worlds. Also, I love the CRC (Campus Recreation Center) building. It was awesome, that was a big plus in my eyes as far as the campus goes."

Being 6' 7", do you see more time at defensive end or linebacker?

"Right now in high school my coaches prefer me to play at defensive end, but the coaches at Georgia Tech are telling me I can be a defensive end or an outside linebacker that lines up on the line, kind of a hybrid-type player. They compared me to Michael Johnson while I was there and they say they feel I can grow into player like him."

Between now and the start of your high school season, what do you want to work on the most?

"I really am looking to improve my speed and do drills that will improve my footwork more. I feel that those are two areas I can improve on and make my game better. I also want to put on about 30 pounds this year and go into college and add more there."

How about your high school, what is the outlook for the upcoming season?

"Right now, we have a new coach and we are looking to see what we have but we are optimistic that we will have a good season. This being my last year, I want to go out with a very good year."

How about a nickname, has any of your teammates put one on you?

That they have. They call me "Too Tall", but that's okay, I can use it to my advantage."

Dale's Take:
Emanuel is a person that is a pleasure to talk to. He is very well spoken and comes across with honest answers about himself both on what he feels is his best traits and what he feel he needs to work on. Emanuel also is very athletic as he plays center on the basketball team; in track and field, he is a high jumper for North Clayton. He has a strong feel as to which team is his favorite, but he will take visits to be sure that he is making the best decision for himself.

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