Gilliard talks about Georgia's Jr. Day

Mike Gilliard and talked Sunday to see how it went at Georgia on their Junior day and to see if anything has changed on his recruiting front.

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Mike, how did it go at Georgia on their Junior Day?

‘It went real good. I had a very good time. I got a chance to meet with all the coaches. They toured the stadium and showed us where we would live if I went to Georgia. We went to the basketball game and then at half time Coach Richt and I went to his office to talk about Georgia."

It sounds like you had a good time. Did this put Georgia in the lead for you?

"No sir, I still have Georgia Tech and Georgia even, no leader. I'd say it is neck and neck between Georgia Tech and Georgia right now."

Has any other school been in contact with you?

"Yes sir, Florida has been calling a good bit and LSU has invited me to their Junior Day but I am not going. It is too far for me and I don't see myself going that far away. I have also been invited down to Gainesville for the Nike Camp in March or April but I may just go to see what is going on but not go as a participant."

What summer camps will you attend?

"I know I will go to the Georgia Tech and Georgia summer camps and I will try to attend a couple of others if possible. Until then I will keeping on working hard and hope to get more offers between now and the start of my senior season. I just received offers from North Carolina State and Indiana."

Dale's Take:
Even though it is early, Mike is picking up interest from across the southeast and country now by picking up offers from NC State and Indiana. Still, it looks like it will boil down to an in-state battle between Georgia Tech and Georgia. Top Stories