John Drew talks about today's announcement

John Drew a big DT from Northside High School out of Columbus, Georgia was scheduled to have an interview with us later this week but it was pushed up to today. John is 6'3" and weighs 295 pounds. His fastest 40 time has been a 4.87 but his most recent 40 time was a 4.91. John had some news that made that interview move up a couple days. What was the big news he had for us recruiting fans?

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John, how did you enjoy your visit to Georgia Tech for their Junior Day?

"I liked it a lot, it went very well. Georgia Tech is a great place and they have some great coaches there. I really enjoyed the trip."

I understand you have some news that you have already told a certain school and close friends?

"Yes sir, I committed to Georgia Tech today. I felt it was time to let everyone know, especially Coach (Paul) Johnson and Georgia Tech."

Who is your recruiting coach at Georgia Tech and how is your relationship with him?

"Coach (Charles) Kelly is my recruiting coach from Georgia Tech. He has been recruiting me for a good while now and I knew the first time I met him that he was a good man and that I would like him. I like him a lot; he is a very good person.

What made you decide now was the time to announce your commitment?

"I knew when I met the coaches at Georgia Tech that they were some of the best coaches around. I talked to Coach (Giff) Smith a lot. He showed me how he runs the defensive line and how he prepares them for games. I really loved his coaching style plus we got along really well. In fact all the coaches were great. They are down to earth and make you feel wanted and a part of the team."

Is there anything else about Georgia Tech that was a selling point in making them your choice?

"Yes sir, the education. You can't beat the education you will get from Georgia Tech. It is one of the top college's academic wise in the nation. I know I can't go wrong with a degree from Georgia Tech. But I'll say it again, the coaches are the biggest selling point, I really like them all."

How about the campus, was that a plus for you too?

"I've been to the campus many times and it is a place I like a lot. It is really nice and I know I will enjoy it there."

When did you realize it was Georgia Tech as your college choice?

"Well, I sat down with my parents and my brother this weekend and talked to them. We all felt that the location, being close to Columbus, the education that I will get and the fact that I will get a chance to play right away as a freshman, once you added it all up there was no other college that could offer all of that in one place."

What other schools have been recruiting you?

"I have a lot of schools that I hear from almost daily. Georgia, Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, Boston College, Wake Forest, Florida, LSU, and Mississippi State are the ones I hear from the most."

What will you have to say to those coaches that call you and try to get you to reconsider or go to their college?

"I will tell them I am committed to Georgia Tech and leave it at that."

So, needless to say your commitment is a firm one?

"Yes sir it is. The relationship I have with the coaches at Georgia Tech is very good so I will be a firm commitment to Georgia Tech."

Lets' talk about your high school and what positions will you play this year?

"I will be playing the same positions I played as a freshman and sophomore, I will move back to defensive tackle and fullback. As a junior I played defensive end and on the offensive line but the coaches want me back at my original positions for my senior year."

How does your team shape up this year?

"We look good. We are hoping to have a very good year."

Dale's Take:
John was very excited about his commitment to Georgia Tech and he said that Coach Johnson was very excited about him giving the Yellow Jackets his commitment. It was obvious that the coaching staff really impressed John a lot as does the chance of getting a degree from Georgia Tech. He was very happy to be able to have a coaching staff that he really liked at a school with a valuable degree such as Georgia Tech. I really enjoyed our conversation, he was very upbeat and you could tell he was firm in his decision. Top Stories