Izaan Cross Talks Jr Day Experiences

Izaan Cross, a big defensive end from Flowery Branch High School, talks about recruiting and his upcoming senior year. He is a 6' 4 ½", 250-pound defensive end. The stat that sticks out is that he was clocked at 4.7 in the 40.

Izaan Cross - Profile

Izaan, have you attended any Junior Days this year?

"Yes sir, I've gone to both Georgia Tech and Georgia. I enjoyed them both but I'd say that I liked Georgia Tech's a little bit better. I had a better time there. Georgia Tech showed me the whole nine yards, the school, academics, football, and their tradition. Georgia mainly showed me what they had to offer academically, not much else. I had to leave a little early to attend my basketball game."

Have you been invited to any other Junior Days?

"I have several invites from schools like Notre Dame, Mississippi State, LSU, Clemson, UCF, North Carolina State, and South Carolina."

That is a lot of invites. How many will you attend?

"I know I can't attend them all so I will have to sit down and decide which ones I want to attend. I know I have to say no to a few of them."

So, have you received any offers?

"Georgia Tech and Central Florida have offered me so far. I received my offer from Georgia Tech at Junior Day."

I see you go to the same high school as Jaybo Shaw. Has he talked to you about possibly being teammates again at Georgia Tech?

"Jaybo is my boy. We talk a lot. He has mentioned that it would be great if we could be a part of bringing an ACC championship to Georgia Tech."

How does that appeal to you?

"It's a possibility. I like Georgia Tech a lot. It's a long way to signing day but like I say, it is a possibility."

Would like to stay in state or would you prefer to go out of state?

"I'm not the typical Georgia type football player. I am originally from Boston. Saying that I'd stay in state wouldn't be a true way of putting it. The college I will go to is one that if that vibe is there that gives me the feeling that I may be the most comfortable, then that will be the college I choose. Once that vibe, feeling hits me, I'll know."

What will be the biggest factor is where you go?

"Academics of course are my biggest concern. Right now I have a 3.0 and my goal is to get it to a 3.5 by the time I graduate high school. Also, my concern on how my parents feel is a factor too. I'd say those are my biggest factors."

Do you feel this will be a decision that will come easy for you or do you think it will take time?

"I have a feeling that it will be a late decision for me. I want to make sure I make the right choice and I will take my time as it is very important to me."

You said academics is the biggest factor. Do you have a major in mind for college?

"Right now I do not. I am open as to what I will major in when I get to college."

How about you play on the field? What do you feel is your best trait?

"I have great hands and can get a great push off the block of the offensive lineman. My coach says I can shed blocks very well."

On the flip side, where do you need work?

"I have a good bull rush and speed rush. I want to work on a variety of other moves to improve my rush and over all play."

Getting back to your high school team, how do you feel you will do this year?

"We are coming off a 9-2 season but we lost in the first round of the play-offs last year. This year I have all the confidence that we will do even better. I am confident in my teammates."

Dale's Take:
Izaan spoke about how he will look at each visit and see how he feels when he visits each campus. Once that vibe he speaks of hits him, that will be his team for the next 4 to 5 years. He is well spoken and values his academics very much. A player with his size and strength that can move like he does will have many schools knocking on his door.

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