Class of '09 Interview: Frank Souza

Frank Souza, a Class of 2009 defensive lineman from Nease High School in Florida, talks about where he stands in recruiting. He is 6' 4" and weighs in the 280-285 range. His 40 time is around 5.0 or a little under.

Frank Souza - Profile

How did you enjoy Georgia Tech's Junior Day?

"It went good. I had a very good time. There was a lot to do and it didn't seem like a lot of time to do everything."

On the recruiting front, how many schools have been in contact with you?

"Right now I am hearing from three schools mainly. They are Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Illinois. I hear from others some but those three are the ones I hear from a lot."

Are there any other schools that interest you?

"Yes sir. I'd like to hear from Clemson, Auburn and South Carolina. Those and the ones that I already hear from are the ones in which I have interest."

Would you say any of those three would be your favorite?

"Right now I would say Wake Forest is at the top my list. I went to see them a while back and I really enjoyed the trip there."

What about Wake makes them your favorite?

"I got a chance to meet a good bit with their coaches and they are a lot like the coaches at my high school. I hit it off with them from the start. Plus another thing I like about Wake is the student-teacher ratio. It is about 10 to 1 and I like the fact that you can get a lot of one on one help from the professor."

Do you think that once you get to know coaches at other colleges that any other school can pull even with Wake?

"Sure, I'd like to get a chance to know the coaches at all the schools I have an interest in or that have an interest in me. Having a good bond with the coaches is a big priority for me."

What else is important to you when deciding on a college to attend?

"Besides having a good bond with the coaches, I want to go to a school that is top notch academic wise. I want to get a very good and quality education."

On the playing field what do you feel is your best trait?

"I play hard every down. I feel my effort on every play is something I do very well."

What will you be working to improve?

"I have strength as I can bench 350 pounds so that's not a problem. The thing I feel I need to improve on is my speed. I want to get faster so my game will be elevated to a better level."

What summer camps do you hope to attend this year?

"I don't know at this point. Last year I attended the summer camp at Florida but this year I'm not sure which ones I want to attend."

Dale's Take:
Frank mentioned that he has former teammates in Clyde Yandell and Mario Butler at Georgia Tech and that he hopes to talk to them and see how things are Georgia Tech. It seems that with all the activities and the fact that he had a long drive back home that he didn't have the time he wanted to meet with the coaches at Georgia Tech. Frank mentioned several times that making a bond with the coaches is a big priority in his recruitment, almost as big as the academic setting the college will provide. We also talked about early enrollment and he would like to check into that as he knows the benefit of getting a head start is very big. Top Stories