Class of '09 Safety - Darren Myles

Darren Myles, a big safety prospect from Carver High in Atlanta, has already collected seven offers and will likely continue to add to that number. He is 6'2½", weighs 190 pounds and runs a 4.49 40 time.

Darren Myles - Profile

Darren, have you attended any Junior Days this year?

"Yes sir, I have gone to the ones at Georgia Tech and Georgia."

How were those trips?

"At Georgia Tech I had a great time, they treated me like I was one of their own. At Georgia, I also had a great time and enjoyed their hospitality."

Who is recruiting you at each school?

"Coach Buzz Preston is recruiting me for Georgia Tech and Coach Garner is recruiting me for Georgia."

Do you plan on attending any other Junior Days?

"Yes sir, I want to go to the ones at Central Florida and Florida and I have been invited to both."

Right now do you have any offers?

"I have seven offers as of today. Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Purdue, Central Florida, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and West Virginia are the seven that have offered me."

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

"I'd have to say Central Florida and Georgia are recruiting me the hardest right now."

Are there any schools you would like to hear from?

"I'd like to hear from Florida more than I do right now."

Have you had a chance to meet the coaches at Georgia Tech and Georgia?

"I have met both and liked them both too. Coach Johnson is real confident and real business like on the field. Coach Richt is good coach with character."

In looking for a college, what do you feel will be the deciding factors in making your choice?

"I want to go to a school that is good academically and has a good football program too."

Do you have a leader or favorite at this time?

"No sir, I feel it is too early to have a leader. I want to use my visits to get all the information I can and look at each school to see if they are a good fit for me. I want to feel comfortable at the school, feel like I am at home."

How about on the playing field, what positions do you play?

"On defensive I play free safety and that is where I plan on playing in college. On offense I play wide receiver and play some quarterback too."

What do you think your best traits are on the playing field?

"My tackling and aggressiveness are my best two traits I have.

What do you feel are some things you want to work on and improve on before you go to the next level?

"I think I need to work on my hip movement and speed. I want to get faster and be able to turn my hips better in coverage."

How about your team as a whole, what do you expect from Carver this year?

"The senior class has been together since the 9th grade, we feel we will be unstoppable this year. We are looking for a state championship this year. Last year was one we will build off and we plan on taking the championship home this year."

Has your teammates given you a nickname?

"(Laughing) Yes sir they have. They call me Boobie Myles from Friday Night Lights."

Dale's Take:
Darren was an extreme pleasure to interview. He came across as a very good person that is confident but not cocky in himself and one that wants to make sure he has everything he can in information about the colleges so he will make a right choice. He knows what he can do and he isn't afraid to say what he wants to improve on. Top Stories