CB John Gallagher Names 2 Early Favorites

John Gallagher spoke with Scout.com about his expectations for the upcoming year in both football and recruiting. John plays on both sides of the ball, but is being looked at primarily as a defensive back on the college level.

John Gallagher spoke with Scout.com about his expectations for the upcoming year in both football and recruiting. John is a player that plays both sides of the ball, but is being looked at as a defensive back for college. His measures in at 5-11 and 180 pounds and reports a forty time of 4.60.

John, what are your plans for attending any camps or Junior Days before your senior season starts?

"I hope to attend camps at Boston College, Rutgers and Connecticut. There are other 1-day camps that I hope to attend, but I am not sure just yet."

What schools are showing you interest right now?

"Connecticut, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Army and Nebraska are sending me the most mail and showing the most interest in me right now."

Would any of those be considered a leader or a favorite of yours?

"Yes sir, I feel UConn and Georgia Tech are ones that I like the most."

What is it about those two schools that make them stand out?

"In UConn with all the mail they have sent me, I really like the way the indorr facilities look and that they are recruiting me hard. In Georgia Tech, they are a warm weather school and they are showing me a lot of interest in the amount of mail they send me, they send me a lot. Plus, I want to go south to play my college ball and they have good academics too."

Have you made a decision on what you want your major to be in college?

"No sir, I am really open to that but I want to go to a school with excellent academics."

On the playing field, what do you feel are your best traits?

"I am a hard runner and hit the hole quickly. I run straight ahead and rather run over someone than try and dance around him. I am a versatile athlete and will play where ever the coach wants me to play. If the coach has a need, he comes to me and asks me to play a certain position and I consider myself a team player and will do what the teams needs. I also have good hands too.

What areas do you feel you need to work on?

"I need to gain some weight, I do know that. Plus, I want to get my 40 time down to 4.5 before I go to college."

What positions do you mainly play?

"On defense, I play either safety or corner back depending on the defensive situation and I move to outside linebacker some to help out there. On offense, I am mainly a running back."

How does your high school team look for the upcoming year?

"Last year, we went 8-1 but lost at conference championship. This year, we are looking to be better as we have a lot coming back. We want to be conference champions this year."

What do you think you will play once you get to college?

"My coaches have been telling me I will be a defensive back, either playing safety or moving over to corner back even."

Do you want to be committed to a school before your season starts or will you use the season as a time to gather info for your decision?

"I think my senior season will be one where I will use it as a time to gather all the info I can on the colleges that are interested in me and the ones I am interested in too. Also, I can use my senior film to help me more in recruiting too. I don't think I'll have a college picked out before the first of next year.

What will determine which college that will be?

"The main things are that both I and my parents like the college and that it is the best fit for me. I want to play in the south and warmer weather so that is another factor in making my decision.

Dale's Take:
John is going to a private prep school that has turned out some very good talent over the years and he hopes to continue the tradition. He is very easy to talk to and is open to the recruiting process although he does have two early favorites at this time.

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