CB Kenneth Gilstrap Has Speed To Burn

Kenneth Gilstrap, an extremely fast defensive back and running back from Miller Grove High School, took time out of his evening to speak with Scout.com about his future in college athletics.

Kenneth Gilstrap, an extremely fast defensive back and running back from Miller Grove High School took time out of his evening to speak with Scout.com about his future in college athletics. Kenneth not only will play football in college, but track and field will be a huge part of his college experience as well.

Kenneth, what are your current measurables?

"Right now I am 5' 10" and weigh 170 pounds and run a timed 4.2 forty."

Have you attended any Junior Days so far?

"Yes sir, I have gone to the one at Georgia Tech and it was a great experience. I loved the facilities, they were great. In fact, everything there was great. I had a great time. I got a chance to meet the coaches and they all treated me with respect and Coach Johnson and my recruiting Coach, Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) really made me feel like a part of the team and the college. They both showed me how Georgia Tech can get me prepared for the next level on both the football field and the classroom too. I really liked that part."

Do you plan on attending any other Junior Days?

"I have been invited to Alabama, Central Florida and Vanderbilt, but with all my track events coming up, I'm not sure if I can attend those. I am going to try my best to make as many as I can, but I don't know for sure if I can make them."

Are you planning on attending any summer camps?

I know I will go to the ones at Georgia Tech, Florida, the Scout.com Combine, and hopefully be able to squeeze in a couple more depending on what track meets I will be going to at the time."

Is track and field a big sport for you?

"Yes sir it is. It is a real big sport for me. The college I go to will have to allow me to do both football and track as they are both something close to my heart. In track, I am the third fastest youth in the world and have run the fifth fastest indoor 200 in the nation. I ran a 10.5 100 recently, so doing both track and football is something that will be a big factor in my college decision."

What has Coach Johnson from Georgia Tech told you about doing both in college?

"That is something that I love about Coach Johnson. He has encouraged me to do both. In fact when we talk, the first thing he asks is how I am doing in track. He is extremely supportive of me being able to run track if I came to Georgia Tech."

Do you have any track meets coming up?

I have quite a few coming up through my high school, but I have a big one in May in New York. It's a national meet that I hope to do well in."

What colleges have you been hearing from?

"I have been hearing from Georgia Tech, Florida, Clemson, LSU, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Tulane, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina."

Do you have a favorite?

"I can't say that I do because it is way too early to say this college is a favorite. The college I will go to will be one that will not only get me prepared for the next level in sports but the next level in the real business world too. I know that at any time, my ability in sports can be taken away from me. So I want to have a top notch academic degree to fall back on."

How about offers, do you have any?

"Not right now. I was told that Georgia Tech will be offering me now that they have my film. Both Clemson and North Carolina have my film as of this week, so I am hoping to hear from them too.

Besides being able to do both track and football in college, what will be another factor in what college you will go to?

"Comfort. I want to have that feeling that it is a family and be comfortable at that school. Those things will basically be what it boils down to, the track and football, comfort, and getting me prepared for life, not just sports."

Will your decision be one that you want to get over with before your season starts in the fall or will it be one that you will take your time before deciding?

"I don't think I will commit to any school before my season starts and I hope to wait to until my season is over and then start looking at all the schools. But I will say this, if that feeling hits me that one certain school is the one for me, I will announce it then and not drag it out. I will know then when that feeling hits."

On the football field, speed is obviously a very good part of your game. What else would you consider to be a good trait?

"My ability to cover any person on the field is what I feel is another good trait of mine. Also, once I hit the field, I feel I am the fastest person on it and that I can cover anybody."

What would you say is something you need to work on?

"I need to work on my technique, I use my speed to overcome this right now. I'd like to be able to combine my speed with great technique."

What positions do you play at Miller Grove?

"I play field cornerback and running back but at the college level, I will be a cornerback all the way."

How does Miller Grove look since they are a relatively new school?

"We've been playing football for three years now and this year we feel we will have a great season. I know we have at least three division one prospects, so we are looking to make a run at a state championship in 4A. The team looks good."

Have you been tagged with a nickname by your teammates or friends?

"Growing up I was always called "Dude" and that has stuck with me all through the years and that is what my teammates call me even today."

Dale's Take:
Kenneth was a joy to interview. You could tell he has big plans either on a playing surface or one that would be in the business world. He wants to succeed at what ever he does and he has the desire and determination to do just that. I feel that whatever college gets Kenneth, they will be proud of him in both sports and in the classroom.

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