Safety Prospect is a "Big Hitter"

Tim Breaker, a big safety/wide receiver from the Garden State, sat down with to discuss his recruiting and what schools he has been hearing from.

Tim Breaker, a big safety/wide receiver from the Garden State of New Jersey sat down with to discuss his recruiting and what schools he has been hearing from. Tim is a big safety with very good speed as he stands 6-0, 185 pounds and runs a 4.4 forty.

Tim, what high school do you attend in New Jersey and how did your team do last year and what is the outlook for this year?

I go to Glassboro High school. Last year we won the state championship in our classification. We lost a lot of guys from that squad but we have a lot of good players ready to step in and perform just as well as the others did last year. We are shooting for back to back titles and we look good to bring it home again this year."

What positions do you play?

"I play strong safety and wide receiver. I am being recruited as a safety in college though."

Have you attended any Junior Days or been to any school on unofficial visits this year?

No sir, not yet but I have some that I am planning on going to but I haven't really set up any official days to go to in terms of Junior Days or camps yet."

What school do you hear from right now?

Right now I am hearing from Clemson, Georgia Tech, Purdue, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Ohio State, LSU, James Madison, Syracuse, Florida State, Michigan, and Penn State."

That is an impressive list of schools, have any of them offered you?

"Not yet, but I've been told that offers will be coming in real soon."

Of those schools, who is recruiting you the hardest right now?

"Clemson is sending me the most mail right now."

Seeing that those schools are pretty much scattered across the northeast, southeast, and midwest, do you plan on staying close to home or do you want to branch out and go away from the New Jersey area?

"It really doesn't matter to me. My parents want me to make the best decision for myself. Go to the school that I want whether it is one close to home or a good ways away."

What will be the factors in determining which school you will go to next year?

The two main things will be tradition and the comfort level I have for that school. I'd like to be a part of a good school that has a big tradition but it has to be one that I am comfortable at too."

When you get to college, are you hoping to play right away or does the possibility of a red-shirt year bother you?

"I want to play right away. I feel I can contribute right away."

If you had to pick five schools right now to be your five for your official visits, which five would get those visits?

Clemson, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Maryland, and Penn State would be those five to get official visits. I know I will like to visit those campuses."

Do you see yourself committing to a school early in the year or will you use your senior season to gather all the information you can before you make a decision?

"I know I will use the year to gather all the info I can so I can make a wise choice and not a hasty one."

On the playing field, what is your strongest trait?

Tackling by far. I am a strong tackler."

What would you like to improve on before you go to college?

I'd like to improve my quickness and agility. I have good speed, but I feel I can be quicker off my first steps."

Have you been given a nickname by your teammates?

"Yes sir I have, they all call me "Big Hitter". That is why I've been told that tackling is my best part of my game."

Dale's Take:
Tim was very excited to talk about his future and what it possibly holds for him. He knows it is early in the recruiting process and is looking forward to what the lies ahead for him in the recruiting season as well as his senior year of football. He and his teammates really want to go out as two time state champs. Also, he has heard of fellow New Jersey player John Gallagher and knows that he too is interested in Georgia Tech. Top Stories