Matt Crisafi Names Early Top Two

Matt Crisafi is a big offensive lineman from Blessed Trinity Catholic High school in Roswell, Georgia. Even though he only started playing football in the 7th grade, he has many colleges across the nation looking to recruit him to play on their offensive line.

Matthew Crisafi is a big offensive lineman from Blessed Trinity Catholic High school in Roswell, Georgia. Even though he only started playing football in the 7th grade, he has many colleges across the nation looking to recruit him to play on their offensive line.

Matt, have you been to any Junior Days this year?

"Yes sir I have been to the ones at Georgia Tech and Notre Dame. I will go to the ones at Vanderbilt, Florida, Maryland, and Rutgers too."

How was your trip to Georgia Tech?

"It was unbelievable. I had a great time at Georgia Tech. I got a chance to meet all the coaches, especially the OL coaches. I talked to Coach Spencer a lot and he showed me how I would fit into scheme while we looked at my film. I also spoke with my recruiting Coach Buzz Preston and Coach Johnson too. I really liked them both. I understand that J.C. Lanier received a scholarship offer because not only did Coach Johnson want him but that former Coach Gailey had promised to offer him one. Coach Johnson held firm on that promise and that shows he is a class act. Even though Coach Johnson would have offered him one anyway, it goes to show you he is a class act. We also toured the campus and it was all an unbelievable time."

How did the Notre Dame trip go?

"It went well. I enjoyed the trip up their. Notre Dame has already offered a bunch of lineman and will only take two offensive linemen this year so I don't see much going on with them though. I did really enjoy the trip there though."

Do you have any offers to date?

"Right now I do not. Coach Johnson says that since they are a new staff they will look at the film and offer me soon. I just talked to the coaches at Florida today (Sunday) and they just saw my film. The coaches are supposed to call back later this week and I hope to have an offer from them too."

Do you have any favorites right now?

Yes sir, Florida and Georgia Tech are my top two colleges right now. If I had to set up official visits I know I would be going to those two colleges and then Vanderbilt and Maryland. The last one would come from schools like Rutgers, Auburn and North Carolina. I just received mail from Nebraska, but I don't see myself going that far off to school."

Does that mean location is important to you?

"No sir, not at all. Georgia Tech is about 25 minutes from home and my Dad's law firm is a block away from campus, so I wouldn't have a problem with going to Tech. I know my Mom would love for me to go there as it is so close to home. However, I wouldn't mind going to Florida either; a little distance from home wouldn't be a problem. My Mom would have to visit the campus first as she would have to feel comfortable with the school too. I want both my parents to feel comfortable with the school I go to even though it is my decision to make."

Which schools do your parents like?

"My Mom loves Georgia Tech and Vandy while my Dad likes Georgia Tech and Florida."

When you are deciding on a school, what is the top priority for you?

"Academics is number one. I am looking at what I can do after college, so I want to go to a top notch academic school. I'd like to get a law degree or some sort of finance degree (Master's) after college, so the school will have to be a top notch Business School."

What other factors will play into your decision?

"The success of the football program is important too. Do they play in a bowl game every year and do they have a chance at BCS Bowls and a chance to play for the National Championship as well. I like the ACC and SEC the most too."

On your decision, will it be one made prior to the start of your high school season or will it be one that plays out over the course of your season?

"I will make a decision before the season starts or at least I hope I will. I want to be able to concentrate on my senior year and not have the recruiting drag out."

What are your measureables going into your senior year at Blessed Trinity?

"I am 6' 3-¾" tall and weigh 302 pounds and I also run a 5.47 forty. These were taken at a Scout combine."

How does Blessed Trinity look for your final year?

"Well, last year we went 7-3 and finished third in our region and only the top two go to the playoffs. We move to 2A this year because the 1.5 rule (Private schools had their student population counted at a 1.5 rate) has been done away with so we are in the same region as Buford, Lovett, GAC. We hope to make the playoffs and take Buford down this year."

What positions do you play?

"I play either center or guard on offense and for my senior year I will play nose tackle on defensive. First time I've played that. I have only been playing football since the 7th grade so I am still learning the game but my coaches say I have learned a lot and I play very well.

Have your teammates labeled you with a nickname?

Yes sir they have at that. They call me "The Fridge". When I showed up for my first football practice, I had one those fridge pack coke t-shirts on and they started calling me 'The Fridge' and it has stuck ever since."

Dale's Take:
Matt was one the easiest guys to interview. His parents would be very proud of him as he is a very well mannered and well spoken individual. Matt has a definite plan on what he wants to do and I do believe that the he will succeed in fulfilling that plan. Top Stories