Taylor Johnstone Discusses Recruitment

Taylor Johnstone, a big and versatile athlete from Chapel Hill High School right outside of Atlanta, spoke with Scout.com about his recent trip to Alabama and what lies ahead for him in the recruiting process.

Taylor Johnstone, a big and versatile athlete from Chapel Hill High School right outside of Atlanta, spoke with Scout.com about his recent trip to Alabama and what lies ahead for him in the recruiting process.

Taylor have you made any visits to any schools recently?

"I went to Alabama's Junior Day a while back. They really treated me great there. I liked it a lot. The facilities they have there are great too. I went with Dontavius Jackson last year to a one day camp and I really liked the way they treated him, so I knew I wanted to attend the Junior Day at Alabama this year. We got a great tour and at the end my whole family met with Coach Nick Saban in one the special box seats to talk over how Alabama would love for me to come to there. It was a great time all around."

Do you have anything else set up?

"I will be going to the March 22nd Junior Day at Georgia and then I will decide on what summer camps I will go to. I decide to go to this camp after visiting Georgia on their black out day. I also hope to pay visits to Florida and Central Florida soon too. I have a good friend that plays on the Central Florida football team so I can see him while I am there too."

What are the schools that are recruiting you right now?

"Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee are some the schools that are recruiting me hard right now."

Do you have any favorites at this time?

"Right now, I would say that Alabama and Georgia are my top two."

How about the other schools you mentioned, how do they fit in the picture?

"Even though Alabama and Georgia are ones I consider as my favorites, I would love to be able to go to any of the other schools. I do know that I want to see how Coach Johnson does this year at Georgia Tech with their offense before forming an opinion on them. I look forward to see how he does at Georgia Tech as I know he had success at Navy and that he is a very organized and motivational type coach. Honestly though, I am open to any team of interest."

When you are getting to the point of naming your college of choice, what will be the main factors that will form that decision?

"I would have to say the main factors would be what kind of grades/academic reputation the school has. Also, what graduation rate does the school has. Another factor would be the tradition of the school, do they have a winning tradition and are they doing well now. My high school has never had a winning season so it would be great to be on a winning team. Also, coaching, are the coaches ones that are organized and ones that can do a great job of motivating the players."

Are you looking to stay in-state or would an out-of-state option be in your plans?

"Ideally, I'd like to stay in a warm weather environment but I could see my self going as far north as maybe Maryland or Virginia. I could see myself at Notre Dame too with all their tradition. Still, I prefer the warmer weather areas to the colder ones. Location isn't that big of deal. I can see myself at Georgia Tech which is only 15 minutes away or I can see myself at a school further away from home."

What is your goal for your senior year?

"As a team we want to have our first winning season. I am trying to be a leader and motivating my teammates this year to go out do their best so we can bring home a winning season. That is one of the reason I want to go to a winning program."

What positions do you play on your team?

"My previous coach wanted us to concentrate on one position, so I played offense only. This upcoming season, our new coaches will put the best players on the field at all times. So, I've been told I will play defense this year too. I will play guard and tackle on offense and both tackle and end on defense."

What other sports do you play?

I played soccer for a while before entering high school, but at the high school level I play the power forward position in basketball and I throw the discus in track and field."

You are a versatile athlete, what are your measureables?

"I am 6' 5" and weigh 290 pounds and have been clocked at 5.2 in the forty."

Have you been given a nickname over the years?

Yes sir, I have and it came about by accident practically. My Dad (who is 6' 9") was called "Tree" by his friends. One of his good friends is one of my coaches and he called me "Tree" by mistake one day and it has stuck. Also, I was called "Sapp" one day playing pick-up basketball at my house because my Dad was playing too and that nickname has stuck too. In fact on the Central Florida site, I am referred to as "Sapp" on the profile or one of the articles."

Dale's Take:
Taylor was very easy to take to in this interview. He will be a target by all the major schools because he is a very good athlete. Taylor has a very good idea of what he is looking for in a college and it will be exciting to see which school can show him that fit all the things he is looking for in a college.

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