Andre Harris Opens Up About His Recruitment

Andre Harris, a big offense tackle from Lovejoy High School, recently spoke with about his Junior Day trips and what he feels will be a good recruiting process.

Andre Harris, a big offense tackle from Lovejoy High School, recently spoke with about his Junior Day trips and what he feels will be a good recruiting process. Andre is a 6' 4-½" tackle that weighs 320 pounds and was recently timed running a 5.2 forty.

Andre, have you been to any Junior Days this year?

"Yes sir, I have. I have gone to four of them so far and missed a chance to go to another one. I have gone to ones at Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Auburn. I missed the chance to attend the one at Georgia Tech though."

Of those, which one was the best trip for you?

"I really liked the one at Auburn the best. I built the best relationships with the coaches at Auburn and really enjoyed that trip more than the others. Also, they have two of my former teammates on their team too in Byron Isom and Mario Fannin."

Which do you have the most interest in right now?

"I'd have to say that these teams are ones I am interested in the most at this time: Auburn, Florida, LSU, Clemson, Tennessee and Maryland."

Which teams are recruiting you the hardest right now?

"Those would be Georgia Tech, Maryland, Auburn, North Carolina State, Florida, and Central Florida."

Could you see any of the teams recruiting you real hard at this time jumping up to your favorites list?

"Yes sir I could. Georgia Tech sends me mail just about every day and I receive e-mail from them just about every day too. I know they have a new coaching staff, so it will be one of getting to know them."

When it gets to the point where you feel it is time to make a decision on a college, what will be the main factors in making that decision?

"The main factors for me will be education first off. Do they have a major that I can pursue what I want to do after college which would be in Education or Sports Broadcasting. Also, I want the college be one that has that down to earth feeling when I am there. I want it to be one that I like or would go there even if I didn't play football at all."

Will your decision be one that you want to make before your senior year starts or will it be one that will last until signing day?

"I have to say it will be one in between that. I'd like to be firm with a decision about a month or two before signing day. That way I can use my senior year as one to help me in recruiting too. My parents are telling me that they want me to be happy with my decision and that they will support that decision no matter which school it is as long as I am happy."

What are your measureables as you head into your preseason workouts?

"Right now I am 6' 4 ½" tall and weigh 320 pounds. I was recently timed at a 5.2 in my forty yard dash."

How does Lovejoy look for your final season?

"I think we will do pretty well. Everyone has been working very hard this off season and are pulling together to do better than last year when we lost out in the first round of the play-offs. We are coming together for a good year."

Do you play both sides of the ball or mainly on offense?

"The last few years I played mainly offense but this year I will get the chance to play nose guard and defensive tackle too. I wrestled this year to give me better conditioning so that should help. On offense, I play left tackle or what ever the blind side tackle will be depending on the quarterback."

What do you feel your best traits are on the field?

"I have great footwork. My coaches tell me that I am a good pass and run blocker and that I have a very good first step. I feel that I pull well too."

What are some things you feel you need to work on?

"I need to stay lower on my blocks and learn to finish the blocks better instead of watching the play once it gets past me."

Dale's Take:
Andre has a very good list of schools that he is interested in as well as a list of schools that are interested in him. He says that he doesn't really have a big favorite and that any of the schools could be the one for him. He is really interested in working hard to improve himself before he goes to college and wants to get better this year. I feel that he will be a great asset to any team that gets him just from the dedication he will put into making himself better as a player. Top Stories