Brent Caprio Exploring His Options

Brent Caprio, a big athletic quarterback from Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, NJ, spoke with about the big list of schools and trips he has lined up for the spring and summer.

Brent Caprio, a big athletic quarterback from Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, NJ, spoke with about the big list of schools and trips he has lined up for the spring and summer. Brent also talked about what he is looking for in a style of offense in college.

Brent, have you made any unofficial visits to schools or gone to any Junior Days this year?

"I have made some unofficial visits to Rutgers, Maryland and Penn State. I am going to Junior Days at Syracuse and West Virginia. I have received a lot of interest from Princeton to attend their functions."

Would you have any favorites right now?

"I like a lot of schools but the ones that stand out to me right now are Pittsburgh, Penn State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Rutgers, Connecticut and Maryland. One of my coaches at my high school is a Maryland alum and he has really got my attention about Maryland."

Have you heard from any other schools?

"I've received a lot of mail and email from Georgia Tech. I've heard from all the coaches there and from Coach Johnson a lot too."

I noticed that most of the schools you've listed are from the Northeast. If Georgia Tech was a school that you made a trip to and really liked, could you see yourself playing that far down south?

"Yes sir, most definitely. If they have a top notch business school and I can see myself getting a chance to play early, I could definitely see myself playing for them. If I feel Georgia Tech would give me the best opportunity to play, I can see going there as it would be with any other school."

Have you received any offers to date?

"No sir I don't have any to date. Syracuse is close to offering. They want me to visit on my spring break and I feel I'll get an offer from them then. Also, I think Maryland is close to offering me too."

Have you lined up any summer camps?

"I will be going to Penn States Summer Camp and I hope to go to the Elite 11 Camp at Penn State the following week too. Plus I will sit down with my parents and discuss which schools I feel will be in my top three and attend those camps as well."

What type of offense does your high school run and will you want to play the same type in college?

"My high school runs a spread offense but once I get to college, I'd prefer a Pro Style offense."

What other factors would be ones in deciding on what school you go to?

"If the school has signed three or four quarterbacks each of the last year or two, I don't feel I would go there. I'd like a chance to get a shot at playing before my senior year. Also, academics are a big factor too. I have a 4.7 GPA on a weighted 4.0 scale and I am in the top ten percent of my class, so the school would have to have a top business school or have the degree that would allow me to move smoothly into law school. Campus setting is not a factor or distance from home isn't a factor either."

Will your college decision come before you senior year starts or after you make all your visits?

"It really depends on how my visits go in the summer. If I see a school during the summer visits and I really like it, I feel I can go ahead and make a commitment to them then. However, if I feel I need more time and more visits to make the right choice, I will take my time."

How about your parents, have they made any input into how they feel about which college you go to?

"My Mom says she wants me to go to a school that has an excellent academic reputation. She is a teacher and really stresses my academics. My Dad says he wants me to go to a school that can afford me early playing time. They are both big Penn State fans too. My sister goes to Penn State and she is dating a wide receiver on the team. However, they say it's my decision in the end."

How does your high school team shape up for your senior year?

"We have eight out of eleven starters returning on offense and we lose our best offensive lineman and running back. We do have players that are very good to replace them though. Our offense will change some and we will pass more this year. Last season, we lost in the finals and that has made us hungry to bring home the title this year."

What do you feel your best traits are as quarterback?

I feel my size is a big advantage for me. Plus my intelligence on the field is very good too. My love for the game and the desire to get better is also a plus."

What do you want to improve on before college?

"I need to improve on my quickness. Plus you can always get better at reading defenses no matter what and I want to do that. I also need to improve my release on passes, I need to make it a quicker release."

What are your measureables?

"I am 6' 3" and weigh 215 pounds and run a 4.8 forty."

Is football the only sport you play?

No sir, besides being the starting quarterback on the football team, I am a starting pitcher and play outfield when not pitching for the baseball team."

Do you have a nickname that your friends or teammates call you?

"Not really, I'm usually call either "Cap" or B-Cap" by my friends or teammates"

Dale's Take:
Brent definitely has a plan on the recruiting process and what factors in what he wants from a college and what a college can offer both academically and on the field. Once he finds that fit, he feels he can pull the trigger and commit to that college. Top Stories