QB Jordan Luallen Still Wide Open

Jordan Luallen, a big quarterback from Cedar Grove, Indiana, spoke with Scout.com about his recruiting and the many visits he has already taken as well as those planned during the spring.

Jordan Luallen, a big quarterback from Cedar Grove, Indiana, spoke with Scout.com about his recruiting and the many visits he has already taken as well as those planned during the spring.

Jordan, what are you measureables?

"I am 6' 3" and weigh 200 pounds and run a 4.5 forty time."

Have you made any trips for Junior Days so far this year?

"My year has been real busy and I didn't get to go to as many Junior Days as I would have liked to but I did make the ones at Kentucky, Purdue, Cincinnati and Indiana."

Of the ones you made a trip to, would you say one was better than the rest?

"While they all were great visits, I have to say the one at Cincinnati was the best. They really showed us (whole family) a great time. It was one that really rocked."

How many offers do you have to date?

"Just about all the schools in the Big Ten have offered me as well as Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Stanford and Iowa. I have received interest from Florida and Georgia as well. Also, Maryland and Northwestern have recently called and have expressed their interest in me too. I've just recently sent my highlight tapes to a lot of schools, so I hope to hear from others too."

Would you say there is a favorite in that group of schools?

"No sir, I can't really say I have a favorite right now. I'm basically open to all the schools."

Do you have an idea of who will get your five official visits?

I haven't really set down and mapped out a plan of which five schools will get an official visit but I have some ideas on which schools I want to visit and will sit down and give it some thought before making a clear cut list."

Do you have any visits lined up for your spring break?

"At first, I was to compete in a track meet but my coach said that he thought I could use the time to gather information on some schools. So as a family we are going on a vacation and we plan on stopping by to catch the first day of spring practice for Georgia Tech before heading out on our vacation. I also plan on taking in Georgia's Spring Game and then swing by and watch the Georgia Tech spring game after a track event. I was told the game would be held at night. If it is, I can attend the game and I really hope I can, as I want to see Coach Johnson and the offense he is installing at Georgia Tech."

You will be spending a lot of time in the state of Georgia, do you have family down this way?

"Yes sir I do. I have an aunt that is a teacher at North Gwinnett High School and have other family that is close to Georgia Tech."

What are you looking for in a college?

"I want to go to a college that has a great coaching staff, one that will mold you and make you a better player and person. I also want the college to help me grow as a Christian and as a person. I know there is more to life than football so I want to go to a college that show me more about life after college and what I can do. A good education is something that is very valuable. The campus setting isn't that important, I don't really mind if it is in a big city or a small town."

Are you looking to make a decision on a college before your senior year starts?

"Yes sir I hope to get it out of the way as soon as I can. I want to concentrate on my senior year of school and not have the distractions of recruiting taking away from my senior year. A lot of us have been playing football together since we were in the second grade and we really want to bring home the state title this year. As a team we really have a great chance for the title and we are coming together and really concentrating on winning it."

As a player what do you feel your best traits are?

I can scramble real well. That helps me with my passing as the opposing team really doesn't know if I will run it or scramble to set up to pass. I can pass the ball very good too."

What would you like to improve on?

I would have to say my passing game. No matter how good you are as a passer, you can always improve that part of your game. I will work real hard on that before college."

What offense does your high school run and what do you feel you will run in college?

"We run the Wing-T offense in high school. For college, I feel I can run any offense out there. I feel I can run the triple option very well. That is one of the reasons I am interested in Georgia Tech as I am anxious to see how Coach Johnson and his offense looks there. I like the triple option and would be happy to run it if I went to Georgia Tech."

You mentioned a track meet earlier, what do you do in Track and Field?

In the past I ran the 11o hurdles, the 300 hurdles and the 4 X 400. This year I will run the 4 X 100 in addition to the others."

Dale's Take:
Jordan is a very driven person that will do what it takes to improve him both in life and on the football field. He has a clear plan on what he will do in the recruiting process and will be making a decision before his senior football season starts.

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