The sky is the limit for WR Jason Griffin

Jason Griffin, an athletic wide receiver from Jonesboro High School, spoke with about his very busy spring as well as his upcoming summer schedule.

Jason Griffin, an athletic wide receiver from Jonesboro High School, spoke with about his very busy spring as well as his upcoming summer schedule. Jason is 6' 2" and weighs 180 pound and runs a forty time of 4.5.

Jason, what visits have you made thus far?

I have gone to Junior Days at Alabama and Georgia Tech. Both visits were very good and I got an excellent chance to meet all the coaches at each school too. I would say that the Alabama visit was a little bit better than the one at Georgia Tech."

What other visits do you have lined up?

I will be going to visit Georgia this upcoming weekend and then the next weekend I will go to Florida for a visit. Then the next week I will go to Louisville for a visit. All these visits will be unofficial ones. I haven't made my mind up as to what five schools will get official visits just yet."

What plans do you have for summer camps or combine camps?

"I will be going to a one day camp at Alabama as I will also be taking in camps at Georgia Tech, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia."

Do you have any offers?

"No sir, I don't have any just yet. I do believe Alabama will be offering me soon though."

What schools are recruiting you the hardest in your opinion?

"I think Alabama, Central Florida, Florida and Georgia are the ones recruiting me the hardest right now"

Do you have a favorite school or a leader at this point?

"No sir, I am very much wide open at this point. I am weighing all my options."

What are the main priorities for you in choosing a college?

"I'd have to say that I want to go to a school where I can get a quality education. I would also look at playing time as a factor. The school would have to be close to home as I very much want my parents to be able to see me play college ball. The environment would have to be a good one too, a place where I can meet good people and become part of an extended family."

Do you have a timeframe for a making a decision?

No sir, not at all. I'll know it when the feeling hits me. I will weigh all my options and try to find the best fit for me as the next four years will be very important ones for me."

Do you play on both sides of the ball or just wide receiver?

"I mainly play the wide receiver position, but I do get in on defense on obvious passing situations."

What kind of season did you and your team have last season?

"As a team we went 5-5 as it was a season we felt we could have done better. As a player, I had 25 receptions for about 530 yards and two touchdowns."

What is the outlook for your senior year?

"We should have a much better year as we return just about everyone on offense and our skill positions are looking real good. The whole offense should be real good to be honest."

What would you say your best traits as a player are?

I have a 36" vertical jump so I feel that going for the jump ball is my best trait. That is one reason I play safety on defense in obvious passing situations. I am also a very good blocker."

What do you want to improve on?

"My speed and quickness is the main thing. I know the next level the speed of the game is faster than high school and I want to improve on that area."

Have your teammates given you a nickname?

They have at that. They call me "Sky High" for being able to get the jump ball."

Dale's Take:
Jason is looking to go to a lot of Junior Days and a lot of camps to get exposure and to see what he has to work on as he heads into his final year of high school ball. Jason has the determination to improve him and the drive to work hard. The offers will be coming in real soon for Jason. Top Stories