Early Favorite For WR Arthur Williams

Arthur Williams spoke with Scout.com about his upcoming visits and what teams he is interested in thus far. Also Arthur disclosed a leader, one that he is very high on at this time.

Arthur Williams spoke with Scout.com about his upcoming visits and what teams he is interested in thus far. Also Arthur disclosed a leader, one that he is very high on at this time.

Arthur what are your measureables?

"I am 6' 2" and weigh 181 pounds. I run a forty time of 4.38."

Have you made any visits to Junior Days or just unofficial visits to any schools this year?

"No sir I have not made any visits yet. I do however have a busy schedule set up for me to visit schools both during the spring and summer. Plus I will go to some combines too."

What schools do you know you will visit?

Ones that I know I will visit at one time or another are Kentucky, Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, LSU, Michigan State and Marshall."

Do you have any offers to date?

"Yes sir, I do. I have offers from both Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech"

How about a leader, do you have one right now?

"I do at that. Georgia Tech is my leader. I am very high on them. I made a visit there and really liked everything about Georgia Tech. The campus is really beautiful and the facilities are top notch. They also have my major which is Computer Technology. I also have family that lives in Atlanta and if an emergency came up, I am just minutes away from family."

When do you plan on visiting Georgia Tech again?

"I'm not sure the exact dates. I do know I will be making an official visit to Georgia Tech and I will definitely be at the Spring Game too."

Have you had the chance to talk to the coaches at Georgia Tech?

"I've spoken a few times with my recruiting coach, Coach Kelly. I tried calling them today but didn't get an answer but will try again tomorrow."

What will you look for in a college when you are making your decision?

Education is the first thing as it will have to have my major. Playing time will be a factor too. I would also like the school to be one where I feel like I can get along with everyone: players, coaches and other students also."

I noticed that you said Georgia Tech is your leader. Does the fact that they run a variation of the triple option concern you being a wide receiver?

"No sir not at all. I know the team will pass. That doesn't bother me one bit."

Are you looking to stay close to home or branch out and do you have a timeframe for a decision?

"It really doesn't matter to me as I have no real preference if the school is real close to home or one that is a far away. As for a timeframe, I will use my senior year to gather all the information I can to make sure I make the right choice."

How about your parents, what do they prefer?

Well, my Dad and I went on a trip to Auburn and it was a nice trip but my Dad said to me that he preferred I went to a school that is more than 15 minutes away from home. He wants me to get to know more than what is close to home."

How does your high school team look for your senior year?

"We look very good this upcoming year. We have two news players transferring in from the public school system and we look better than we did last year. As a team, we should go all the way and win the championship."

How about you, do you play both sides of the ball?

"Yes sir I do. I play wide receiver on offense and then I go to either cornerback or safety on defense?

What stats did you put up last season?

"Last year in eleven games, I had 40 receptions for 620 yards and ten touchdowns. On defense, I had two interceptions - one which I returned for a touchdown."

Have your teammates given you a nickname?

"Actually I have two, one which I just received from a camp I attended recently. My teammates call me "Stallion" because I am the fastest on the team. Also, I was at the Football University Camp in Orlando, Florida at Central Florida's campuses. Andre Rison was putting on the camp and he started calling me "Sunday" as he said he saw I had the potential to play on Sundays."

Dale's Take:
Arthur has a clear leader at this point, however he will use his senior year as a time to not only play football but to gather information on which college he will go to. As it stands right now, he has a favorite but he said he wants to make sure his decision is one that he knows is right.

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